Be a Mischievous Christmas Elf and Spread the Charm This Coming Christmas Season

Children just love fairytales. The magical land, the charming prince, the beautiful princess and the naughty elf all work to boost up their imagination. Kids are specifically delighted by elves, the small magical creatures that are always up to some sort of mischief. The elves are traditionally attired in a green costume that helps them gel with their surroundings (as they live mostly in the gardens, below some sweet smelling flower).

Due, to their supernatural powers and their various naughty ideas, the children are ever eager to meet these elves in person and to learn a few magic tricks. So, if you are planning to go on a party that has lots of kids coming, and want to look a little different yet the most sought after person, then no other dress will suit you more than the Christmas Elf Three Piece Costume.

The Christmas Elf dress is created on the model of the elves. They come in the traditional green color of the original elf’s Christmas costumes, but with a feminine look to them. This body fitting mini dress is meant to show off your wonderful figure while leaving your arms and thighs bare. The broad black belt is intended to highlight your minuscule waist. You get to wear a matching green and white stalking along with this elf’s costume to emphasize your long and lovely legs. And lastly, the white and green Elf’s hat covering your head completes the costume. So, just wear some matching high heeled black shoes, kid’s gloves and appropriate makeup and you would be ready to steal the show!

And while you are planning to surprise and delight the kids, you can try learning some simple magic tricks. This way you can always be ready to indulge them when they ask from their favorite fairy tale character for some real life show. Hence, with the confidence of a real self you can see the happiness and smiles spreading through the entire crowd just because of you. So, spread the charm by being a mischievous, magical elf that thoroughly enjoys herself while giving pleasure to the others.

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