5 Styles of Jeans to Try if You Are a Cool Girl

Are you following the latest trends in jeans that look cool when paired with some stylish tops? Or are you just going with a straight fit, plain color jeans that are not worthy to look cool nowadays? There has been a drastic change in women’s clothing and to keep up with the ongoing trend and making a good choice of jeans, one has to know the different styles of jeans that you can try. Give a look at the 5 best styles of jeans.

Cropped Wide-Leg Jeans

These jeans have got some popularity in recent years. It is designed as a high-waist, has large leg openings, and is cropped at the center of the shin or lower end. In case you’re searching for pants that look cool for any event or can be used regularly with the sneakers, these will turn out to be a good choice.

High-Rise Jeans


High-waisted jeans are trendier than ever. They can easily go with all your crop tops or jackets since they are worn right from your belly.  This design is popular as one of the brand’s most prominent jeans making a drastic change in the clothing industry.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut pants flare out starting from the knees and are named so, in light of the fact that they’re frequently worn with boots. They normally styled as long pants and are matched with the heel shoes so that the bottom of the jeans doesn’t touch the floor.


Flares Jeans

These types of jeans are also known as “Bell Bottoms”. It is similar to the bootcut jeans as the slight difference is that the flare is increased from the knees compared to bootcut. This was an old-style pant, during the ’70s, and now it is making a comeback in the market.




Jeggings are popular for their combination of leggings but in the style of jeans. They are well-known for the soft and stretchable material that can be fitted as per your legs structure. Girls who don’t like stiff and rigid jeans but can’t get over leggings must try this type of jeans.Thus, not just wearing a fancy top will make you cool but a pair of jeans matched with a fancy top will definitely change your attire.

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