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Women Green Hooded Sweatshirt, That Look Good On Everybody

Green is one of those timeless colors and that in general is good on any outfit and on any woman, whatever her skin tone. Green, in fact, gives that touch of freshness and rejuvenates even the most banal outfit with so much simplicity, also giving the right touch of style if the right combinations are created. By focusing for a moment on the green hooded sweatshirts, hundreds of matching garments come to my mind. So today we are going to create some styles that go from the most elegant to the sportiest, also passing through something to use if you go to a punk rock concert, all with a very simple green sweatshirt, that looks good on everyone!

Under Your Vest

You could start with the assumption of wearing your green sweatshirt under your vest, choosing a slightly flamboyant color such as red, orange, pink or yellow. Just with this last color I mentioned, you could combine a bag, red or orange, according to your needs and your preference, complementing it with a pair of black jeans, not to overdo the color, and medium-high boots, to also give an elegant touch to the whole.


Under Your Leather Jacket

Yes, of course! Green, especially the olive-green hue, fits very well, for example, under a black or burgundy faux leather jacket, very cold colors that create a mix where no one will notice that under your leather jacket there is a hidden simple green sweatshirt. My advice is to complete your outfit with white or black trousers, so as to emphasize the upper part of your outfit, and your loved and comfortable Converse!

adidas Trefoil Vapour Green Hoodie

With Jeans And T-shirt

In this case, you can opt for a green sweatshirt with a zipper, so as to release your zipper and make what you are wearing underneath visible to everyone. At this point, you can show off the t-shirt that you consider most suitable, but know that my advice is to opt for a white or black t-shirt with a beautiful print on it, for a classic and sporty style completed by the classic jeans that you use every single day!

With Leather Trousers

Well, you can also opt for more particular trousers, such as a pair of faux leather trousers for a very aggressive outfit, which must be completed with the right accessories. I recommend to match it with a beautiful large and capacious bag, ankle boots, or better yet, stiletto heels, and the largest earrings you have. A biker style, but you will surely be satisfied with the final result.

With A Belt Bag

It’s impossible in 2020 not to wear a sweatshirt with a belt bag, which goes to give an incredible liveliness and audacity to your outfit. If it will seem that your green sweatshirt gives little color to your outfit, wear it with a shoulder strap, maybe in a bright color that recalls your shoes, pants or your hat! The outfit, in this way, will look much more homogeneous and not created by chance.

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