Why You Should Be More Strict On Your Dental Hygiene During the Holidays

Think about exciting food temptations in the annual holidays! While they regularly call for cheers and happiness in the celebration, they also bring in particular consequences in the dental clinic. Unfortunately, the increase of food intake is not matched by an adept practice of dental hygiene. So when do we expect such things to happen?


Christmas wholesale Christmas costumes, as we all know, is a time of giving. Children are thrilled to check on the socks they hang near the chimney on Christmas Eve to get their rewards from Santa. Although many other presents may be given and received this season, like toys and clothes, sweets have already marked its place in the hearts of kids – whatever the occasion may be. Aside from that, desserts in the form of sugary cakes and pastries may also be present in gatherings or parties attended by both children and adults. In the spirit of giving, it is also important that you give yourself time to take good care of your dental health. After celebrating the happiest time of the year, you probably don’t want to see yourself dealing with an oral problem in a dental clinic.


You must be fully aware of the increased candy sales of sweets factories during the Halloween. The continuing tradition of kids in costumes knocking from one door to another in a neighborhood to do trick-or-treating is the main culprit to this. However, little did people know that there is an increase number of people, especially children, who suffer from cavities as an aftermath of a night filled with sugary goodness. Since the said tradition is mostly participated by children, aged 6 – 11, dental clinics usually have their services ready for the young ones during post-Halloween. To say the least, having a disastrous dental problem is the scariest thing of all about this yearly occasion.



Valentine’s Day

Lastly, we have February. Originally, Valentine’s Day is celebrated for only a day, but now it becomes a month-long celebration of love, thus, explains the overflowing number of bouquets given to women who are in a relationship. Along with the floral movement is the giving away of sweets (like chocolates, candies, cakes, et cetera) and sweet nothings. The overloaded sweetness, however, takes a toll on your dental health. Love wisely. Brush wisely

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