Why I Go To Mass Every Other 4th Leap Year

It’s kind of like what on Earth does a man in a Red suit with flying rain deer have to do with the alleged birth of Christ on Christmas day. Personally, I know as per the Biblical record if you truly believe in that, that the North Star would not have been in that place and time so, we are celebrating the wrong day anyway. Again, don’t get me wrong as a kid I loved opening Christmas gifts and it was a nice holiday for all, especially our fine retailers in the USA.

Okay so, we have fat men in red suits with fictitious flying rain deer supposedly living at the North Pole or soon to have their civilization there completely melted by Global Warming, again alleged (based on computer modeling). And we have Easter Bunnies laying supposedly “Gay Pride” colorful rainbow eggs? Really, I mean enough already.

Oh so, you are just laughing at my “Bah Humbug” attitude, but it’s not that I don’t like holidays it’s that they are a little hokey. Consider if you will the Catholic Easter Mass. You have a cracker, you kiss a ring (with lots of germs on it) and then you get holy water all from a guy wearing a cheap “B-Hollywood Movie” wardrobe costume, and people actually line up for this? You humans are nuts with all your superstitious rituals I tell you. I mean seriously, could these holidays get any more bizarre?

Sometimes reality is crazier than fiction, even for Harry Potter’s famous author, J.K Rowling. I suppose if global warming doesn’t get you (also now made into a religion) then wild zombies will eat you if you are not good + you still won’t get any Christmas gifts. You know it is getting tough to be a kid these days, so many demands, so much brain-washing, and so many adults who hold superstition in such high esteem. Well, that’s all for Good Friday this year.

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