The Most Memorable Christmas Costume

There are all kinds of great memories that go with Christmas. Smell the chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or the smell of the freshly cut Christmas tree. Taste the rum and eggnog and those delicious Christmas cookies. Look at the fabulous Christmas stockings and the beautiful candles. What about the memorable Christmas costumes from years gone by. Christmas is truly a festive time and what better way to build memories than with some great Christmas costumes.

Whether you are attending a Christmas party, that is a costume party or you just feel like wearing a costume regardless of what everyone else is doing, dressing up for a party can be a lot of fun.

When it comes to Christmas costumes, it seems dressing up as the traditional Santa Clause or Mrs. Clause are the two most common costumes chosen, yet there are plenty of other ones. For and adult party you might choose the sexier Santa and Mrs. Clause costumes. Turn up the heat a little with those 3″ stilettos, short skirt and low cut top. Of course, you can expect the sexy Mr. Clause to be shirtless under those suspenders and oohh la la those pants could not get any tighter.

If you want to be different then everyone else then why not dress up as the Grinch or Scrooge. The Grinch is one of the lease chosen costumes yet it is one of the most fun. Have some fun showing your grumpy Christmas spirit.

If you are attending a family Christmas party elves and Santa’s reindeers are very popular Christmas parties. Reindeer costumes are available from infant to adult. In fact, they are available for your four-legged pal too.

Other popular costumes include dressing up as a gift, a candy cane, a candle, a tree, or a sleigh. Let your imagination run wild. There are so many things associated with Christmas that can be turned into a costume.

You can opt to make your own costumes from scratch or you can start shopping online at one of the many costume sites. With so many choices just a mouse click away, and such great pricing it’s hard not to just place your order and use your time for making delicious Christmas cookies and other Christmas baking or cooking rather than putting a costume together from scratch.

Christmas themed parties are very popular at Christmas time but they are also carried on throughout the year. So you can get plenty of use out of this years Christmas costumes. Just tuck them away with all your other costumes.

It’s tough trying to decide what you’ll be. Maybe check with some of the other guests you know will be going and so who or what they are going as. Then try to find a costume that’s different. After all you don’t want to look like everyone else.

Christmas is fast approaching. You had better act now so that you can get the Cheapest Christmas costumes you want and not be stuck with the leftovers. It’s time to start building Christmas memories.

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