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The Biggest Shoes Trends Of the Year

The idea of exiting our households for maybe the first time in under a year looks like it’s time to get dressed again—and you’re hardly alone when it comes to checking your wardrobe to discover that your jackets and shoes have indeed been replaced with sweats and house sandals.

The astonishing thing seems to be that the leading season 2021 shoe styles aren’t too dissimilar from the ones we’ve currently worn. Impracticality has given way to more reasonable, functional trends that will make throwing an apparel something other than a headache altogether.

Consider easy-to-wear flatforms that will enhance all of your stretchy pants, clunky shoes that will match any suit still in your collection, and firms-created work-from-home shoes, a special segment we’re quite confident to bring us back down to reality.

Here are some trends that would have you slipping on your footwear again in no time.


Flatforms inspired by the Eighties are among the month’s most prominent shoe trends, including brands like Erdem, Tod’s, Ulla Johnson, and Gabriela Hearst jumping on board.

Sandals in leather from Gate

Loewe’s saddle-stitched Gate footwear can go with almost any season suit. The saddle-stitched loops that run over the LOEWE Gate footwear give the set and its accessories equivalents its moniker. They’re composed of black calfskin leather and sit on cushioned platform bottoms for length without sacrificing comfort. Combine with the brand’s clean shirts for trendsetting flair.

Like the platform shoe trend, bulky, two-strap flops are a throwback to a bygone era, combined with a renewed emphasis on ease. Longchamp, Anna Sui, and Jason Wu all put their takes on the two-strap footwear, the last one wearing his with airy gowns and resort-ready pieces.

The traditional Birkenstock is returning, and the company’s latest collaboration with young talent from Central Saint Martins culminated in such wear-everywhere sliders.

Design with a toe loop.

Big toes will not get much attention. However, the toe-loop new fad stresses crisscrossing as well as other delicate elements that frequently divide the big toe separate from the rest—is the shoestring sandal’s seeming progression.

Reike Nen was one of the first to wear a crossing toe strap.

  • It has an off-white color.
  • The Upper is made of faux leather.
  • Neoprene footbed by Chamude.
  • Toe band with a crisscross pattern.
  • Toe is somewhat square.
  • Ankle band with a clasp fastening that may be adjusted.
  • Sole made of rubber.
  • 0.75 percent “This is a framework.
  • 1:5 “Heel up.
  • Reike Nen is the creator of this piece. This is an imported item.

Polished Braids are a type of braid that has been polished.

The 2021 edition of weaved footwear, shown at Dior, Acne, and Bottega Veneta, is coiled and braided, generally from a thick, cushioned leather for a sculptural appearance.

Bottega’s gold-tone chain-link intertwines over leather for a luxurious touch, unlike prior summer enrichment braids. These shoes are made with Bottega Veneta’s renowned leather braiding skills. The cushioned lambskin thongs loop over gold-tone chain links inside a ’90s-inspired brief shape. Rubber dots mark the bottoms for further stability.

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