Tips On How To Properly Select A Wedding Dress

Tips On How To Properly Select A Wedding Dress

Getting married to your soul mate is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Choosing a bridal gown is part of the perfect preparation for such an important event and signifies the bride’s new identity. The dress also sets the tone of your wedding day while reflecting your personality, style, and overall image!

One should start looking for dresses early on so that you can set aside enough time and properly budget by visiting several bridal shops to find the dress that suits you best and reflects who you are as an individual!  

To help you with the process, we’ve outlined four tips on how to properly select a wedding dress.

  1. Prepare a budget

You may run the risk of falling in love with a gown that is out of your current budget. By having the price on hand you can shop around without getting taken for a ride by the salespeople who often overcharge for alterations and tailoring. Alterations can be costly so you must try on the dress before purchasing. After receiving the dress you may need to have professional pressing or steaming done for an additional hundred dollars or more.

  • Find and pick your favorite styles

Start bobby-pinning your favorite wedding gowns. While you’re at it, save it or photograph it so you don’t lose or forget the material details later on. When the time comes to make notes on what you liked and didn’t like when you saw a dress, write down where each photo is so that you can flip through them on your smartphone and compare styles quickly.

  • Make numerous appointments

You should try on gowns at different boutiques. It’s important to do your homework when selecting which boutiques are good ones to visit, meaning making sure you select those that not only have a great selection but also reputable customer service to help you find the perfect one! Moreover, don’t forget to ask them questions about exactly what types of dresses they carry, who makes the design, and what price range they fall into.

  • Make a list of other accessories

If you want to guarantee your dream dress fits you perfectly, make sure to bring a friend with you when purchasing it. Bring a list of any accessories you’ll need for the big day, like shoes and jewelry. Resist the urge to fall in love with something that isn’t quite right; keep looking until you find the ideal piece! Once you’ve found and bought your dress, preserve its beauty by keeping it from moisture, dirt, stains, and wrinkles by storing it in a dry place like inside of a box or wardrobe bag. Bridal shops usually offer these bags for free if you haven’t already brought one yourself – take advantage of it!

Cute Unconventional Wedding Dresses Make You Look Elegant to Over the Top

Cute Unconventional Wedding Dresses Make You Look Elegant to Over the Top

Having a wedding in a white dress is a tradition that is coming of age. Now is the time to set a new trend for wedding dresses and their styles. Many brides wish to have their wedding uniquely. Some prefer to select a unique wedding venue, while others may prefer to have a simpler one. The concept of uniqueness in wedding dresses is quite popular now, catching the attention of many young brides. The following contact will help you understand the trends of extraordinary wedding dress designs that are being seen lately.

1. Mermaid Wedding gown

The mermaid concept is still an exciting topic no matter how we age as time changes. Recently, the marriage gown designers thought of implementing the same concept in their design works. As a result of which, today, we can witness the mermaid wedding dresses around us stating that the brides are as beautiful as mermaids.

2. Astronomical wedding dresses

The study of stars, planets, and space is called astronomy. Since we are discussing the design of wedding dresses, the designers thought of coming up with a wedding dress named Willowby on which one can undoubtedly watch sparkling stars and shooting stars. The concept behind it is that brides’ beauty and their future are compared with the shining stars. The astronomical wedding dress is one of the latest trends of the recent wedding seasons.

3. Lace wedding dress

The wedding dress from Watters is a new trend these days on which one can find laces that elevate the overall look of the dress and the bride wearing it. The high neck and the puff-type sleeves make it stand out from the other options.

4. Colored wedding dress

The theory of wearing a white wedding dress is a tradition. However, the latest generation of brides is looking forward to colored wedding dresses instead of plain white ones. They say white is for peace and harmony, but the brides hope for a life full of colors instead of a plain one. Here is one such example of a blue wedding dress by Mr. Zuhair Murad for the 2021 season where the wedding dress is in blue color. The subtle lace enriches the outlook of the wedding robe to a greater extent.

5. Simpler but impactful

The tradition of wearing heavy white gowns on the wedding day has come extinct. Instead, the bride loves to wear a simpler wedding gown and wishes to be comfortable on their wedding day. The designers say that the simpler wedding gowns are honestly comfortable to wear and will also provide a rich look to the overall moment.

Wedding rituals may last for a day or more, but the promises you make on that day are pretty important. So why do you not make this beautiful day memorable with a stunning wedding gown? Try to choose a perfect wedding dress for yourself and meet your soulmate for a better future.

The Stunning Wedding Guest Dresses Saved To Your Wishlist

The Stunning Wedding Guest Dresses Saved To Your Wishlist

Well, a marriage ceremony is always about the stunning bride and bridegroom. However, what makes you think that you can’t wear gorgeous dresses too! There are stunning wedding guest dresses that are trending in 2021, especially now for summer weddings.


Again, the speciality of a wedding is diversity. Your friends or family might be getting married on a beach, in a church hall, in a temple, in a house, or even nowadays on Zoom! However, thanks to the nearing the end of the pandemic, we can actually visit our loved ones on their wedding day!


So, need a few ideas on what to wear? Look no further, as we have brought to you a few gorgeous wedding guest dresses for you to wear.

What do you need to keep an eye out for?

The main thing is you have to look elegant yet casual. The dresses that you wear should bring out a fine balance of this. Hence, the colours that you choose should be toned yet light. Most weddings take place in the morning, so choosing something a bit pleasing to the eye will go a long way. We’ll just pin a few ideas of different types of dresses that you can wear here.

Ideas for wedding guest dresses.

1. Don’t forget the classics!

These will not go wrong as they are elegant and can be found in a variety of styles. While you can choose the classic gowns in light colours, you can also opt for patterned dresses to wear. The length of the gown or maxi dress gives a classy sort of look and the colours can be chosen either according to the colour theme of the wedding or the location. Beaches can have brighter hues, whereas in churches and halls opt for rich and toned colours.

2. Add a splash of floral designs!

These are underrated and not many people wear many floral dresses to weddings nowadays. Which is exactly why it is trending right now. There are a variety of patterns to choose from. You can avail of it in various styles too, like short dresses, off-shoulder and deep backed gowns.




3. Considered, Jumpsuit Dresses?

These are very trendy and would look really classy. They’re also trending nowadays and are quite the ideal dresses to wear.


4. You won’t go wrong with lace!

Lace has always been a classic and bears a touch of elegance. These suit grand occasions like weddings. In fact, lace paired with satin, meshes, embellishments, or embedded stones actually give a great look. There are various styles in this yet again. Sheer lace dresses often look very elegant, especially in halls and churches.





So, here were a few ideas for wedding guest dresses. These styles cannot go wrong. All you have to do is choose the right colour, accessories, footwear, and walk with confidence! Remember to choose good material that would suit the interiors of the wedding function and with the above ideas in mind, you would just look stunning!