The Top 5 Products You Should Try From Waistdear

The Top 5 Products You Should Try From Waistdear

Our lingerie closet is already stocked with up a wide range of comfortable bras, underwear and sports bra. We should also have body shaper that will help us when we need some tucking in or lifting. Not only do the shapewear hugs in the right places, they also offer a smooth and seamless base to make clothes look and fit better. Many women reach out to these smoothing undergarments when they want to get a little extra support under their clothes and there is nothing wrong with that.

Wholesale shapewear comes in many different styles and designs, from smooth bodysuit to control shaping shorts. If you are looking to stock up some shapewear to give your wardrobe a refresh or you are a beginner in the shapewear world, it can be rather daunting. Don’t worry because this article is going to help you feel a little less overwhelmed. We have gone through the collection and list down the only the best shapewear pieces below from Waistdear, an online shapewear retail store that is growing in popularity.

Top Picks For Body Shapewear From Waistdear

Ahead are top 5 shapewear products that you should try from Waistdear. No matter what your style or occasion, there is something for everyone

Seamless Full Bodysuit Shapewear

A bodysuit shapewear is designed to help give an all-over smoothing effect. This seamless bodysuit is made with a blend of nylon and spandex material and targets the belly, waist, flattens the stomach and creates a sleek line from the belly to the thigh. The mid-thigh design also slims the thigh and prevent thigh chaffing. It has adjustable shoulder straps to ensure a snug fit.

Firm Control Open Bust Body Shaper

This open bust body shaper means you can wear your own bra for a better fit. Its three-layer design on the midsection offer strengthen abdominal compression. The adjustable shoulder straps mean you don’t have to worry about the shaper rolling down. It has a hip lifting design to enhance the buttocks and also a zipper crotch for bathroom convenience.

Form Fitting Tummy Wrap Compression Band

This original patented design belt is from the wholesale waist trainers collection. Woven from high-quality polyester and latex, it is worn around the waist to increase body temperature and burn extra calories. It has 6 pieces of segmented hook and loop fasteners for easy tightness adjustment. This tummy wrap band has gone through 10,000 elastic tests for durability and strength.

Incredible Seamless Backless U Plunge Bodysuit Shapewear

The biggest feature of this one-piece bodysuit is the plunge neck design.  This comfortable and skin-friendly shaper offers strong elasticity and offer light body shaping while you are showing off your curves. It has an inner layer of 30D ultra fine mesh and quality clear shoulder strap with 4 adjustable buckles for easy length adjustment. It has 3 rows of hooks on the crotch, making it easy for bathroom visits.  Comfortable to wear all day.

One Piece Short Sleeved Thong Bodysuit

This short-sleeve bodysuit is a wardrobe essential. Made from comfortable, stretchable and breathable materials, it is suitable for wearing all day. The thong design ensures no VPL and perfectly contours the derriere. It can also be worn on its own with a blazer and jeans or skirt.

Shapewear How To Choose

Shapewear How To Choose

Shapewear has always had a bad rap for being too tight, uncomfortable and leaves the wearer breathless. The fact is the discomfort could be due to the choosing the wrong size or the incorrect style for the body type. There are different types of shapewear in the market and choosing the best one for your shape may be a little daunting especially if you are new in the shapewear world.

Shapewear can help to smooth and define the shape of the bodies. There is shapewear specifically designed for the midsection like full body shapewear and waist cincher. Then there are shapewear for lifting the derriere such as butt lifter pants. For those who want some extra help to burn the excess fat on the belly, wearing the latex compression band will be the ideal choice.

Black Latex Tummy Waist Wrap Compression Band Abdominal Control

If you are unsure where to begin, well. read on to explore a variety of shapewear types and their many benefits to help you feel your absolute best.

What Is Your Trouble Area?

Find out what your body type is in order to identify your trouble area. Women’s shapes are defined as follows:-

  • Round figure where you have narrow shoulders and hips, with fuller bust and torso. Your trouble spot will be the waist.
  • Curvy figure or pear-shaped figure is where your hips are wider than the upper half of the body. Your concern will be enhancing the bust while keeping the hips and thighs under control.
  • Hourglass figure where your waist is smaller than the hips and bust. Your trouble spot is curve control.
  • Straight figure where your shoulders, waist, bust and hips are about the same size. Your concern would be adding curves in the right places.
  • Inverted triangle figure is where the upper half of the body is larger than the hips. Your trouble area is defining the waist and softening the shoulder.

Based on the above, you can determine your body type and figure out which areas of your body need slimming, smoothing and shaping.

Shaper Shorts

Shaper shorts are high-waisted and smooths the tummy and waist. As it reaches mid-thigh, it can also provide thigh slimming support too. This black shaper shorts features double layer control panel compresses the tummy and streamlines the waist. It has flexible steel bone to prevent rolling down. The perfect choice for women who want to smooth the tummy and minimize visible panty lines.

Black Seamless High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper Shorts Tummy Training

Shaping Bodyshaper

Full bodysuits offer the all-in-one coverage from the bust and upper back to the lower bottom area. Usually bunching occurs beneath the bra and on top of our underwear, and with the bodyshaper shapewear, you can get rid of these problems. This wholesale shapewear is the perfect choice for those with inverted triangle figure and those who want an all-over sleeker physique.

Black Large Size Body Shaper Bodysuit Front Zipper Good Elastic