How Christmas Costumes Are Changing

For many years now Christmas Costumes have been the preserve of middle aged men dressing up as Santa for
their Christmas Work party, or for enthusiastic dads who want to impress their kids. But now that all seems
to be changing. Indeed, Christmas costumes are second only to Halloween costumes in terms of their popularity
and reach. But what is behind these changes?

The first factor is the fact that people nowadays dress up now for many more events than they once did.
Having a Christmas Party? No doubt many of your guests will arrive in fancy dress. Going clubbing? Again many

party goers now use this as an opportunity to dress up as well. And of course the annual work party is now a
great opportunity for everyone to wear a funny Christmas costume, or at the very least a jolly looking hat!
The site of the CEO wearing a velvet Santa outfit complete with belly stuffer and a retinue of supporting
elves is too good an opportunity to pass up!

Another key factor in the ‘rise’ of  wholesale christmas costumes is the fact that the product range now available is so
much wider than it once was. Whereas in the past you were restricted to Santa Suits and Father Christmas
costumes, you can now choose from a massive range, including some fantastic novelty outfits.

One of our favourite novelty outfits is the man sized Turkey costume. We love the fact that this costume
celebrates the importance of the turkey at Christmas. More importantly however, it’s just so funny to see a
fully grown man stomping around in a turkey outfit and making bizarre turkey noises. Believe me, it will both
amuse and disturb you!

There are some even more ‘far out’ Christmas fancy dress costumes available that trump even the turkey
costume. One of these is the Xmas Pudding outfit, which as the name suggests, magically transforms an adult
into a walking, talking Xmas pudding- this is no mean feat! Or you may also like to try out the Xmas Tree
outfit, which rapidly transforms you into a moving Christmas tree- awesome!

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