Fun Facts About Halloween

The Celtic people believed that the spirits of the dead would rise on this night and wore costumes to scare them away, meanwhile the Druid priests would burn large fires. After the Roman empire gained control of the region Samhain also became a harvest festival honoring the goddess Pomona, the goddess of fruits and gardens. Apples were considered sacred at this time, and this was eventually where the tradition of bobbing for apples came from. The colors associated with Halloween came from this festival with orange representing the harvest and black representing death.

With the rise of Christianity the celebration under-went more changes. The first day of November for the Christians was known as All Saints Day. This was originally called All Allows Day. That made October 31st All Allows Eve. That is how Halloween got it’s name.

There are many fun and interesting facts about Halloween that few people are aware of. The history of Halloween began in ancient times with the Celts living on the British Isles. The Pagan calendar had October 31st as the last day of the year called Samhain. Celtic priests called Druids honored their god of death, known as Samhain, on the night of the 31st.


The people of Ireland and Scotland continued pagan practices for a long time after the introduction of Christianity helping to continue the traditions of Halloween. When Irish immigrants came to the United States they brought their Halloween traditions and costumes with them, helping to spread the holiday as we now know it.

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