Best Time To Visit Boracay

Amihan is peak season, characterized by minimal rainfall and even temperatures. This period is generally defined as late October until May. White Beach is under siege from tourists eager to enjoy the islands thriving night life, world-class cuisine and range of live entertainers including fire dancers and bands. Finding accommodation during this period requires adequate forward planning.

As the fair weather tourists depart, 15 feet high wind breaks are erected and a fresh breed of tourist arrives in preparation for the Habagat season. Habagat is characterized by bouts of humid weather and heavy rainfall. Habagat is often referred to as Monsoon Season.

Adrenaline junkies, surf and kite-boarders arrive to devour the island world-class water sports scene. Bulabog, minutes away from White Beach, is typically their venue of choice.

Not surprisingly, the fluctuating demand has a significant impact on your hotel, apartment or dorm ROI. Low Season and Peak Season price differentials can vary by as much as 25%.

Befitting its status as 1 of the world’s leading party islands, Boracay enjoys a series of festivals throughout the year. Heavily influenced by the west, the Philippines celebrate many western traditions including Easter, Halloween and Christmas. However, they also have their own celebrations.


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