How to Make a Moana Costume for Halloween

How to Make a Moana Costume for Halloween


Ever since the release of the 2016 Disney film, Moana has been a wildly popular Halloween costume for kids. While you can certainly splurge on a store-bought Moana costume, it’s actually pretty easy (and fun!) to pull together the pieces yourself.

Of course, we realize there are different levels of DIY. So, in the spirit of the Disney character, we’re letting you choose your own adventure. First up is an easy Moana costume for girls that comes together with just a few basic items. The second Moana DIY idea requires a bit more time and attention (calling all crafters!), but we promise it pays off. Whatever you decide, your child is sure to feel like a hero this Halloween. Want one for yourself? These ideas are easily modifiable to make a Moana costume for adults.

Beginner Level: Easy Moana Costume

Keep it simple by pairing your little girl’s red swimsuit top with a grass skirt. Tie a red scarf around her waist, and treat her to inexpensive accessories that she’ll never want to take off.

Crafter Level: DIY Moana Costume

DIY a Moana Top
1 Cut a coral or red long-sleeve shirt from armpit to armpit and save both top and bottom pieces.
2 Take the bottom portion and fold it into a strapless top of your desired length.
3 Cut the bottom hem into a zigzag.
4 Using a marker or fabric paint, mimic the pattern of Moana’s top along the top and bottom hem (columns of five lines alternating with eight “starburst” lines).
Tip: Place a piece of cardboard between the layers to prevent the marker from bleeding.
5 Download and print our 10-point star template onto card stock. Cut out to make a stencil.
6 Place the star stencil just below the middle of the bodice and lightly brush black paint around the edges. Repeat all the way across the shirt.
7 Hot glue white trim across the bodice for the shell sash.

DIY a Moana Skirt and Belt

1 Cut a grass skirt to length (just below the knees).
2 Cut enough off-white broadcloth to fold down into two tiers and wrap around waist and tie.
3 Download and print our triangle template onto card stock. Cut out to make a stencil.
4 Trace the stencil along the top and bottom of the broadcloth, with the point always facing outward, and cut out.
5 Fold one edge over to create the top tier of the skirt.
6 Tuck the leftover piece of the shirt into a strip to serve as the belt.
7 Repeat the same line pattern along one edge of the belt and tie over the broadcloth at the waist.

DIY a Moana Heart of Te Fiti Necklace

1 Cut twine to desired necklace length, leaving extra to tie.
2 Thread a turquoise pendant onto the twine and knot on either side.
3 Add white seed beads for accents and knot on either side.
4 Tie around neck.

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