Another 5 Best Sexy Santa Costumes for Christmas 2018



1. Best Sexy Santa Costume Thigh Highs
If you’re feeling extraordinarily confident about your sexy Santa costume, then I’ve got something that’ll knock Mr. Claus’s socks off: Just a pair of tights. The Red White Striped Tight Elf Tights are the perfect addition to any outfit…or can be worn alone, as the sexiest Santa costume on the planet. Pair with some sexy red pumps and St. Nick’s jaw may just hit the floor.

2. Best Sexy Santa Costume Teddy
Sexy Santa costumes, of course, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are child-appropriate, while others are for the bedroom only. We’ve seen some sexy bikinis, but here’s a sexy Santa teddy. It’s called the Women Red Santa Teddy, and it’s made of cotton and chinlin. Providing both a sexy and cute look, the fabric is high-quality and comfortable for extended wear. No matter what, you’ll be loving this sexy Santa costume.

3. Best Two-Piece Sexy Santa Costume
Perhaps you were feeling the sexiness of the Santa costume above, but want to take it up a notch. Well, the Christmas Dress Santa Clothes Cosplay Bikini Set will do you justice. This incredibly sexy set comes with Hat + Dress + Bikini. It’s made of high-quality, comfortable material. It is a one-size-fits-most, but does have significant stretch. Be the sexy Santa you always wanted to be.


4. Best Sexy Elf Costume
Let’s be honest. Sometimes a sexy little elf costume is exactly what you’re looking for. Psh, everyone is interested in a sexy Santa costume, why not change it up a bit? This elf costume is built for guys, and it comes with shorts, hat, and bowtie. Plus, it’s made of lightweight, breathable fabric for any tasks Santa may send you on.

5. Best Bodysuit Sexy Santa Costume
ometimes a sexy Santa costume is meant to be seen only by Santa himself. Instead of purchasing something that’s acceptable in the streets…go straight to the sexy Santa freak in the sheets. The Twinkle Metallic Cutout Santa Bodysuit is everything you need. It’s made of 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex, so there’s tons of stretch. And, it’s made in the USA. Peep the size chart before pulling the trigger, as sizing may vary.

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