Amazing Ensemble, Amazing Performance

You will be able to judge how your kid feels towards performing at a stage play by observing how he or she keeps religious attendance of rehearsals, as well as overhearing him or her in her room reciting his or her lines. Kids may or may not candidly show that they are rehearsing, but if they don’t, be prepared for they will expect you to get impressed – and you should, after all the efforts the little boy or girl puts into it.

Before the kids get sent home for Christmas vacation, schools usually hold Christmas parties. On the other hand, some schools prefer to hold stage plays. Such stage plays are planned and set for children to appreciate and learn good moral values, which is a part of almost every curriculum. The play itself may comprise of a short act on the birth of Christ or a simple modern-day story that brings moral values in relation to the Holiday season.

But whatever the stage play is, your child who was chosen to perform a role will naturally be excited. And though you try to hide it, as parents you are also excited and proud of this one achievement in your child’s life. The school teacher usually takes care of the rehearsals, and sometimes the costumes that the kids will need. You as a parent will be expected to support your child not just by being present for the stage play, but also to bring some memorable pieces for your child to wear or hold for the play.

If your child keeps the play a secret, try asking the school teacher what his or her role would be. If the school does not provide or has limited resources on costumes and accessories, you may opt to bring an ensemble that your child will need. Make sure that you and the teacher also keep this effort of yours from your kid’s knowledge, so the child will not try to resist wearing the costumes you brought – as this sometimes happen.

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