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5 Trendy Must-Have Bodycon Dresses 2020

Bodycon dresses are close-fitting clothing items that are designed to trace the silhouette of your body figure, unlike other clothes that were sewn to support the shape of your body. They`re perfect to accentuate the curves of your body as it`s unassuming. Bod-con dresses are fashionable which is why it`s so in the trend right now.

Here are 5 trendy body-con dresses you should include in your daily wardrobe:

  • Deep V Neck Sexy Bodycon Dress

V neck bodycon dresses are versatile pieces because they can be worn in a casual or formal way. You can simply accessorize it with a plain cardigan or jacket for a casual wear at the same time you can use a statement jewelry necklace for formal wear.

  • Retro Inspired Bodycon

Retro-inspired bodycon dresses are absolutely cute and chic. They can be worn with high heels and a cute little hat for that classy look. Its well-structured bodice is very reminiscent of the undergarments being used in the older days especially of Marilyn Monroe. The sweetheart neckline makes this retro-inspired body-con dress one of the sexy bodycon dresses to wear. Even Ariana Grande, a popular actor, and singer still loves to wear this type of dress even up to now due to this classy and sexy vibe when worn.

Frisky Beige Plunge Neck Sling Bodycon Dress Comfort

  • Maxi Bodycon Dress

As the high neck bodycon dress, maxi body-con dresses are all-around clothing items that you should have in your closet. They can easily be styled at the same time available in a lot of clothing shopping stores like lover-beauty. You can pair maxi body-con dresses with a wedge, sandals, and even sneakers!

Yellow Bodycon Dress Maxi Length Solid Color Casual Women Dress Online

  • Lace Bodycon Dress

Lace bodycon dresses are a combination of sweetness and sexiness. This body-fitting dress with lace is the embodiment of beauty and class. Lace bodycon dresses are often seen in Asian fashion most specifically Korean fashion.

Glamorous White Midi Bodycon Dress Lace Stitching Free Time

  • Mini Bodycon Dress

Mini body-con dresses are cute clothing items for summer. They`re easy to wear and accessorize. The best thing about this type of dress is it can be paired with heels, wedges, sneakers, and sandals. You can also use a light cardigan on top or use a jean jacket.

Enthralling Khaki Lace-Up Bodycon Dress Mini Length Strap Romance

These 5 stylish bodycon dresses are popular this 2020 as it can be seen worn by celebrities and vloggers often. Most of these dresses can easily be styled with sandals, wedges, and even slippers. Layering a bodycon dress with a simple cardigan or jean jacket completes the look.

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