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Fun Facts About Halloween

The Celtic people believed that the spirits of the dead would rise on this night and wore costumes to scare them away, meanwhile the Druid priests would burn large fires. After the Roman empire gained control of the region Samhain also became a harvest festival honoring the goddess Pomona, the goddess of fruits and gardens. Apples were considered sacred at this time, and this was eventually where the tradition of bobbing for apples came from. The colors associated with Halloween came from this festival with orange representing the harvest and black representing death.

With the rise of Christianity the celebration under-went more changes. The first day of November for the Christians was known as All Saints Day. This was originally called All Allows Day. That made October 31st All Allows Eve. That is how Halloween got it’s name.

There are many fun and interesting facts about Halloween that few people are aware of. The history of Halloween began in ancient times with the Celts living on the British Isles. The Pagan calendar had October 31st as the last day of the year called Samhain. Celtic priests called Druids honored their god of death, known as Samhain, on the night of the 31st.


The people of Ireland and Scotland continued pagan practices for a long time after the introduction of Christianity helping to continue the traditions of Halloween. When Irish immigrants came to the United States they brought their Halloween traditions and costumes with them, helping to spread the holiday as we now know it.

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Halloween Party Theme – Creating a Theme During Halloween

Some people might think that a Halloween party is a theme party of its own already but there are still some people who want a Halloween party theme. According to statistics, in the last few years, around 30% of people either plan on going to a Halloween party or to throw one themselves.

Every 31st of October, people get dressed in their favorite Halloween costumes and go to the hippest house parties or bars to celebrate. Since during Halloween parties, a lot of people just drink the night away, it would be great if there would be a theme for your party just to spice it up a little. If you are the host for this year’s Halloween party, you might want to read this for more ideas.

You can make your Halloween parties a great way to learn something as well by dressing up as your favorite characters in history. You can choose past US presidents, old-school gangsters, historical figures or suffragettes. Then you can have a stage wherein every individual will come up to stage and say something about the character they have chosen. Not only will you have a costume but you will be able to share something and learn about the history while having fun.

You can also make a Halloween party theme where everyone will dress as their favorite superheroes. If best friends will be going to the party, tell them to dress as a superhero couple like Batman and Robin. If families will be attending the party, tell them to dress like The Incredibles or The Justice League.



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A New World of Choice – Types of Intimate Lingerie

Babydolls are a short negligee or night dress that features formed cups that lad in to a loose fitting dress of sorts. The length of this dress can extend anywhere between the belly button and hips. The overall effect created is one of strong feminity laced with a strong alluring appeal that is popular with many women.

The corset is yet another interesting piece of intimate apparel that enjoy a strong level of popularity. They are based on a dress type of the same name that was popular during Victorian times that was famous for its flattering of the female figure. But the corset was also associated with strong physical discomfort that it caused in generating an hourglass figure. Fortunately modern day corsets are completely comfortable and yet still managed to have the same effect. It is important to note that while the traditional corset was a full length dress, corsets in terms of intimate lingerie tend only to have the top bodice section.

One use of lingerie that has taken the world by storm is as intimate apparel. Looking attractive has after all always been an important aspect for women throughout history and this is a trend that is unlikely to ever go away.

Intimate apparel has become a prominent industry with a varied type of items including babydolls, gowns, corsets, match sets and of course costumes. These different types all generate a different effect and are based on the preferences of both men and women.


Costumes are the most famous and prominent of all forms of intimate lingerie and include all sorts of types including nurse, bunny, school girl, Christmas, French Maid outfits and more. These create an unusual and not well understood effect that is very desirable nonetheless.


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Best Rated Home Based Business Ideas

The best rated home business for the motivated and driven people has got to be internet marketing. There is unlimited income potential and the possibilities are endless. You can market products or services in almost any niche you can find. There are educational products, massage products, ticket sales. You name it, you can promote it. A great idea is to start with what you are already using. Member of It has an affiliate program!

The best rated home business also starts with a passion. People can promote things that they are passionate about very well. If you are struggling with coming up with your own niche, consider the upcoming holidays. As I write this, there are two months until Halloween. I can easily find themes from Halloween and make them suitable for the best rated home business.

Halloween is very profitable. Candy sales shoot through the roof during October. Costume sales are high, scary movies sell quickly as well as scary audio CDs and audio downloads. You can create niche websites for face paint and clown costumes and make money.

Halloween marketing is a great place to start internet marketing. It is the best rated home business for its unlimited potential and opportunities. But don’t stop with Halloween, you can take the techniques that you use for internet marketing and apply them to Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and other holidays so you have year round sales.

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Choosing the Most Fashionable Dog Clothing

You can have jackets, shirts, coats, waistcoats and even shoes all designed for dogs and often you will be able to find whole outfits that match and look great. You should carefully measure your dog so that you know exactly what size clothes you will need. You should ensure that your dog is comfortable at all times and they can move freely. You should also think about how easy it is to get your dog in and out of their clothing. Most dogs won’t mind wearing the clothing but if yours does object then you should take it off.

You can find some great dog clothing in pet stores and there are even boutiques especially designed for dog clothing. You will find a huge range of clothing online and you will be amazed at the choice you will have. There are websites dedicated to dog clothing that gives you the option to personalize the clothing to have your dog’s name included on the clothing. You have to consider how much you want to spend on the clothing as it can become quite expensive.

There are many different outfits and costumes to choose from and knowing which ones to choose can be a challenge. You have to decide if the clothing is for practical purposes or purely to make your canine look fashionable.

Although dressing dogs has been a common thing for many years it was always for practical reasons in the past. Clothing was chosen for your dog to keep it warm in the winter months and the outfits were far from fashionable. This has changed in recent years and you can now buy many different types of clothing that are very fashionable. You can even buy designer clothing for your dog that will look fantastic and make your dog stand out from other dogs.

You can buy holiday fashion for your dog and you will love to see them dressed up in Halloween, Christmas and even wedding attire. Your dog will love being part of the day and having their own special outfit to wear. There are many different costumes to choose from which are specially designed and suited to canines so they will be comfortable wearing them. The dog outfits come in many different designs and colors and you can even have them personalized to your canine.


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Chihuahua Clothes for Fashionably Furry Fun!


Of course, any worthy ensemble would not be complete unless you have appropriate Christmas costumes for specific holidays. Easter suits in the form of eggs, or long-eared rabbit costumes, nonetheless in traditional color tones befitting the festivities, will display your devotion to long-standing American traditions.

Christmas cheer certainly brings out the best in everyone, and your Chihuahua will be no different. All will be gleefully jubilant when you provide your precious with a Santa suit or reindeer dress, replete with jingling bells and mistletoe broaches.

Bring out your inner fashionista during the fun of spring. Pastel colors of warmth will be in vogue, and your Chihuahua clothes will show the world you know your stuff when it comes to fashion and style. There will be online stores tempting you to buy dresses with frilly accents, and hats which rival the best dressed socialites of Beverly Hills.

During the summer months of endless heat, you’ll be able to have your Chihuahua don canine bathing suits when you go for a day at the beach. You can earn extra points by wearing matching bikinis while catching some rays and getting that perfect shade of bronze you only see in magazines.

Fall and winter wear will be fashionably practical. Keep your pet warm with sweaters and turtlenecks bearing the latest color palettes. A buttoned coat will be perfect for your social calendar when the weather drops down below nothing. Your Chihuahua clothes will be the envy of all your friends.

Mondays tend to be the most challenging day of everyone’s workweek. So you may fancy the idea of pulling out a humorous costume to cheer your circle of friends up. Novelty dog suits could be in the form of a hot dog bun with ketchup and mustard. Another smile-inducing idea is a wacky Charlie Chaplin outfit, with matching black cane, top hat, and possibly a mustache to boot!




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Large Dog Clothes Are Popular Too

Every dog, regardless of his size, deserves to be pampered and giving him clothing to wear is a great way to show him how much you care. With the wide variety of options available, you should be able to find the perfect attire to suit any occasion. In fact, when you start looking around at all of your options, you may be surprised at how many selections you do have.

Some pet owners like to dress their dog up just for the sheer fun of it. This is the main reason that doggie clothing became so popular in the beginning. Think about how much attention you’ll get when you go for a walk in the park and you’re both dressed up in a sweatshirt or tank with a logo of your favorite sports team on it. It’s a fun and interesting way to support your team that’ll get everyone talking.

It’s also a lot of fun to dress your large dog up for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. You can buy doggie clothing with special designs for each holiday and there are a lot of different costumes made for big dogs so you can choose something different every year. When you throw a costume party, you can dress up your four-legged friend and she can help you greet the guests as they arrive.

You can find t-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts with all types of messages or phrases on them. Some have cute sayings and some are funny but all of them are a lot of fun to collect. You can also buy dresses and formal doggie attire suited for all occasions including weddings

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Alternatives To Celebrating Halloween

If you genuinely don’t believe in celebrating the aspects of Halloween with its ghosts and ghouls and witches and scary brews, and you are a parent, or you are at work and everyone around you is delighted to share with you their creations, you can get through the situation creatively and with respect to others around you who make the choice to celebrate this particular event. Don’t however go with something you are completely against, but look for creative ways of negotiating with your children or friends, family and coworkers.

When others are decking their houses out in ghouls and ghosts, it is inevitable also that you may be invited to participate in events you’re not 100 percent comfortable with. You can instead schedule your own celebration, for example a dress up party with a particular theme that you enjoy, such a an under the sea or beach party or a snow party or seasonal theme. You can invite people who would enjoy a party with a ghoul-free theme, and who would usually avoid any kind of celebration around that particular time.
There can be a tendency to judge others for their choices. Others do have the right to choose their behaviors, we are given free will and choice as a responsibility, and we also have the choice to respect other’s right to make their own choices. Instead of switching off all the lights in the house when little children come knocking around with their parents, you can still offer candies, and add little heart-warming messages into their little hands as they receive from your house.
Your children will probably still want to be creative and decorate your house, especially if they are seeing other families decorating their houses in the street, and they are decorating and being creative at school with different artistic endeavors. If you really would like your child not to participate in making scary things at school, approach the teacher discretely, and offer creative solutions, like painting pretty things on pumpkins, and having a harvest gratitude decorating celebration, and offer it to the teacher as an exercise in cultural inclusiveness, because it respects your beliefs in celebrating happy and uplifting things, and it also respects your choices in celebrating things that are not scaring your children at night.

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Interpreting Robert Frost’s Snowy Evening

In life there are a lot of things that humans take for granted; for instance, a bright sunny day and good company. In Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Cheapest Christmas costumes,” he shows the speaker in his poem finally appreciating an overlooked winter scene. However, this poem offers more than just one message. It has many. Frost uses a style that’s simple, yet contains many profound views and interpretations.

In life there are a lot of things that humans take for granted; for instance, a bright sunny day and good company. In Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” he shows the speaker in his poem finally appreciating an overlooked winter scene. However, this poem offers more than just one message. It has many. Frost uses a style that’s simple, yet contains many profound views and interpretations.

While a “lovely, dark and deep” forest sounds peaceful to most it can also be interpreted as a sign of death. Death is symbolized in this poem by the forest. The forest is enticing to the speaker and is as if the snow falling in the woods is drawing the narrator into its dark beauty. Death can often disguise itself in sugarcoated costumes, appearing to humans as acceptable, much like the forbidden fruit of Adam and Eve. The speaker is finally pulled back to reality by the horse’s harness bells and snaps out of the trance that death has put him in.

In this interpretation, Frost uses the words “dark” and “deep” which give off a negative and mysterious tone and then he throws in the word “lovely” to create a mixed emotion of desire and evil, much like a solar eclipse. In this case, the “lovely, dark and deep” forest has that same irresistible evil influence that death has.

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Craft Sale Check Sheet – Items to Pack for a Craft Sale

An organized system with a good check sheet is essential. Keep the check list on your computer and update and print it whenever you need it.  If an item is forgotten, it may result in a poor display and a loss of income. Load your vehicle a day in advance so you have extra time to think of last minute items.  Pack as compactly as possible, and arrive early so you can unload before the vendor parking area is congested.  Use a dolly or cart to move your load quickly in and out of an event.

Your display must never look bare as this discourages buyers.  Sales will be made in the late afternoon before closing so ensure you have enough items for late customers, as they may not purchase if they feel that the display has been picked over.
Inventory boxes should be the same size so they stack easily.  Plastic totes protect the contents from dampness if it is raining or snowing and are stackable. Although more expensive than cardboard, they are a good choice.  Label your boxes with a list of the contents to make retrieval easier.

Keep all your papers relating to the show in a zippered bag.  This includes your show application, map or directions to the event, receipt and parking passes and badges if they were mailed to you.  Some larger shows may require liability insurance. Bring a copy of your sales tax certificate and a copy of the inventory you have with you.

All display units should be collapsible to take up minimum space when transporting.  If necessary, bring a cordless drill to assemble shelving units at the event.  If folding screens are used, check for height restrictions.  If you have a cash register, bring a portable stand for it.