Why You Should Have Today’s Most Popular Waist Trainers

Why You Should Have Today’s Most Popular Waist Trainers

Meta Description: There’s a reason why you’re seeing post-upon-post regarding waist trainers. It’s because we really do want you to feel comfy in any type of clothing you choose to wear, with the +factor of accentuating your curves even more. Here’s why you should finally decide to hop on the waist trainer bandwagon.

1. Bodysuits Work

That’s right. We’re not merely making bold claims here. We’ve tried them and they do! For a quick tuck for those lose flab around the midsection when date night is only a few hours away, a bodysuit is a solution that will instantly svelte-up your silhouette! For blouse wholesale, a complete selection of dress, and more, hit up Feelingirldress.com.

2. They’re Super Easy To Use

Complicated instructions not required. Waist trainers are slip-on that you can simply… slip-on. Most of them are either zippered, Velcroed or clasped. Others are exactly that— you slip your body into it, and voila, you’ve got a contoured silhouette ready for that bandage dress.

3. Enhancement Without Going Under The Knife

Among a variety of other wholesale waist trainers, Feelingirldress also offers shapewear that will allow your breasts and bum to appear bouncier and juicier, with the help of pads right around said areas of the suit. If you think your ensemble needs that tight light around your juicy curves, then here’s an effortless way to achieve that.

4. They’re That Added Boost To Your Confidence

We believe that confidence is rooted within. It starts with you and how you value and love yourself. That said, sweat trainers are that extra kick of aiding you in feeling like you’re on top of the world while looking the part. That’s two for two!

5. For Better Posture

Because shapewear tends to tighten around your waist, they have back support that helps in correcting your posture. Another added bonus. You’ll notice it promptly because once you wear this piece, you’ll find yourself standing with the proper arch down the small of your back, and your shoulders aright and relaxed.

Find Top-Rated Tummy Control Shapewear

Find Top-Rated Tummy Control Shapewear

You must have gone shopping and bought yourself the best panties, bras and undershorts. Your wardrobe must be full with the new designs and colors.However, if you did not invest the same energy in finding yourself a good shapewear, then you are missing out on one of the best undergarment experiences. Many women have fears about shapewear. They think that wearing them will cause organ damage, nerve ruptures or skin stretch lines. If you know how to buy your shapewear, these all are not a problem at all. Shapewear is not evil unlike what the inexperienced say. To make your buying session easier, here’s a list of top-rated tummy control shapewear for you.

best shapewear for women

This bodysuit shaper with hook and eye zipper closure is lightweight and hugs your body perfectly. It is tight around your stomach and helps to push the belly pouch inside. Also, it has adjustable straps and hooks near the shoulder so that you can secure it perfectly. To make your bust look better, there is the push up bra design that will make your asset look more full and defined. Having good assets will reflect well on the look of your dress. This is the Best shapewear for women who like to wear their shapers everyday.

shapewear bodysuits

This shapewear short will do a great job to make your tummy look thinner and more toned. To make your stomach look better, it also concentrates on surrounding areas like the hips, thighs and butts. There is a hook in the crotch region so that you don’t have to struggle in the restroom. The front hooks make it easier for you to wear the shapewear and also adjust compression. The side rods will prevent rolling down and you will get better results when your shapewear doesn’t develop folds.

full body shaper

Because of the diet and medications during your pregnancy and also the recovery after, women tend to gain weight. When you get busy with your baby, working on your body becomes secondary. That’s when you can use the postpartum recovery slimming body shapers. This covers the entire body, including the torso till the thighs. They push the stomach in, shape the thighs, lift the butt and also give proper support to your bust. They can be worn by anyone who are looking for complete body transformation

Even the plus sized women can for the right Plus Size Shapewear to keep their tummy in shape. The shapewear panties with under bust support will be a good one for the big sized beauties. These will help to rightly contour the tummy and also lift the butt to give an overall fit appearance. That’s what we are looking for, right?

At the end of the day, shapewear is a temporary solution that doesn’t leave a permanent impact on how your body looks. Using a waist trainer will help you sweat it out in the gym and the weight loss results will be doubled. Unlike normal shapewear, the waist shaper and thigh trimmers will enable thermal insulation that will activate your core and remove toxins from your body.

You can find all these shapewear at Shapellx shapewear and that too of the top-notch quality.

Best Shapewear to Wear, No Squeezing, No Struggling, Just Enjoy The Feeling

Best Shapewear to Wear, No Squeezing, No Struggling, Just Enjoy The Feeling

Women keep shapewear away because of the many myths that circulate around them. But that’s the mistake that you are doing. If you do good research about shapewear, you will know that they are safe and useful. You don’t have to struggle with them, feel the excruciating squeeze or tolerate the discomfort. The right shapewear will blend in with your body and keep you comfortable while doing its work. The sweat that forms because of the compression also evaporates before you can say ‘Gotcha’. Here’s a guide to finding the best shapewear so that you can enjoy the feel of them.

high waist shapewear shorts

When you take the control into your hands, you can get the best shapewear for tummy and waist. Try to buy that shapewear that has hooks so that you can adjust the level of compression. The hooks are present at the front but do not interfere with the appearance of your clothing. They will give you the neat finish needed to let those clothing look great on you. You don’t have to struggle to get out of this shapewear and there is no risk of rolling down either.

shaper shorts


The next best alternative is the thong shapewear for women. These give proper support to your body, your back posture and also under the bust. They help in highlighting your curves and giving you the best base to put on those body-fit dresses. You can also go for the ones with a zip on the front. This will help you relax a little and set the right level of compression that you want. It’s not necessary that shapewear has to harm your organs. It all depends on the choices you make.

seamless shaper shorts

Shapewear is also helpful for pregnant women. They help in giving the proper base for the pregnant belly and also help you get the right posture. If you don’t have a good stance during pregnancy, spinal problems are inevitable. You have the fabric firm around the belly but it is lenient over it. This will help in providing relief and also doing the job perfectly.

waist and thigh trimmer

Waist and thigh shapers are great when you want to reduce that stomach fat. They help in providing the thermal insulation needed to burn more calories. They keep your core tight while you workout and you will start to notice results quicker. This is extremely safe if you choose the belt size that fits you perfectly. Do not overdo the compression because this will not help you lose weight 3 times faster. That’s the fact you need to register. The 2 in 1 benefits of waist trimming and also thigh shaping will help you lose weight uniformly in the area.

shaper panty

Shapewear panties are very convenient when you want to concentrate solely on the stomach area. They also help in shaping your butt properly and giving it a proper look. The compression also accentuates your other curves and keeps you ready for any outfit.


Shapellx shapewear is the best place to find all these masterpieces. The durability and quality of these shapewears are top-notch and you don’t have to worry about shapewear shopping for a while.



Never Miss The Top-rated Shapewear Styles

Never Miss The Top-rated Shapewear Styles

There are areas in our body that need a bit of support. Whether it is the bust or the butt that needs lifting, the thigh regions, the tummy region or the lower belly region, a little bit of extra control can do a lot of good. There is nothing wrong with choosing thong shapewear bodysuits to add that oomph in your body. Almost every celeb uses shapewear to get into their favorite dress, especially when it is about walking on the red carpet. Lucky for you the market is filled with numerous thong shapewear bodysuits styles and brands. They will help you smooth out any lumps and bumps in the love-handles and help you in boosting your confidence. At present, we are honing the best thong shapewear bodysuits that we think are definitely worth the investment. Have a look!


The first shapewear piec on the list is the Shapellx seamless tummy control shaper shorts. This is made up of a spandex blend that will tighten your bottom and enhance your butt curves. This one has got high-waist shapers with targeted firm control features. It is multifunctional. It offers tummy control, butt lifting and thigh slimming.

seamless shapewear shorts


The second shapewear to recommend is the Shapellx women’s shapewear tummy control shorts. It comes with a front zipper for better control, there are adjustable/removable straps and it comes with the strapless design.  Instead of the sheer waist trainer  for flatten your tummy, this shapewear shorts with tummy control design will reduce your abdomen effectively as well as give your best support for your thigh and butt.

tummy control women shaper shorts

Next up is the detachable straps full body shaper zipper abdominal control Shapellx best shapewear. It offers a charming body shape that will last for a long period without making you uncomfortable. It comes with detachable straps that are easy to take off. There are two plastic bones that prevent curling. The dropping glue makes it difficult to roll down.

body shaper for women

The fourth Shapellx best shapewear on the list is the zipper body detachable straps body shaper. You will be able to remove the shoulder straps in this body shaper. There is a rubber bone on the side of the waist that prevents curling. It comes with three layers of compression for the abdomen that reduces the lower tummy. The inner layer is moisture licking and breathable.

best shapewear for women

The next Shapellx best shapewear on the list is Shapellx seamless tummy control shaping shorts. This one has got flexible structures to avoid rollups. It helps in butt lifting. There is a double-layered panel that comes with a breathable mesh. The close fit seamless design helps you in slimming your tummy, waist and thigh area.

seamless shapewear shorts

The last one shapewear piece for you is the most popular thigh trimmer. It can help you sweat more and get sculptured better while working out. It comes in various styles, colors, and sizes, which will fit all kinds of body shapes. Apart from these, it is comfortable to wear all day as well as help you sweat more and lose water weight.


Why Cosmolle Shapewear is So Different?

Why Cosmolle Shapewear is So Different?

Shapewear has become a necessity for the ladies these days, keeping the contemporary outfits in mind. It’s only the shapewear that can flaunt the most flawless figure of a woman, irrespective of her shape in reality. However, the quality of shapewear is essential to be the best for the best result. Check out some of the finest examples that provide every reason why Cosmolle shapewear for women are simply the best.

It fits every body type


This is the perfect example of how perfection in the midsection can correct the entire body shape. As evident, the sleek midsection thoroughly covers the waist portion and flattens the bottom region as well. Naturally, the butt region gets thoroughly addressed.

Interestingly, it fits well with all types of figures. Distinguishing part about the Cosmolle shapewear has been about the flexibility these provide to the wearer. As evident here, the seamless shapewear can be worn with the outfits meant for the offices, gym, shopping, etc. Be it about the five-level firm compressions, detachable straps, silicone strip design, or the special arrangements around the buttock portions to make it look perfect; the product is enriched with all the top-notch features.

On top of all, it’s the seamless fabric of the best quality from Cosmolle that makes things adorable.

Accomplishing to wear


This is another fine example of the seamless fabric of the best quality offered by Cosmolle. As evident, the high waist design perfectly covers the extraneous portions of the body thoroughly, giving the best shape. Specifically, it addresses the tummy section in the most attractive fashion. The best part, it complements the genuine shape of a woman in the finest way. One can mark the uniqueness of Cosmolle like the silicone lining to avoid sliding, which ensures the utmost comfort for the wearer.

No bar for wardrobe type


The explicit aspect of the Cosmolle shapewear is their characteristic to fit well with all types of outfits. No matter its party-wear, jeans, or formal, Cosmolle products accompany all with perfection. Moreover, these are smooth and lightweight. Each of the collections like this addresses the midsection area flawlessly. Naturally, it makes a woman look perfectly slim. Equal credit should also be given to the usage of breathable materials used to provide the best comfort while wearing.

Addressing the flabby sections well


This is another fine collection representing the flawlessness of Cosmolle Shapewear perfectly. The specialty of the product is its higher thigh band that accompanies the lower buttock incredibly. In concurrence, it addresses the tummy section underneath better than anything else. At the same time, it provides the tightness effect most impeccably. As evident, the shapewear provides the targeted control at all those sections where one needs it the most to cover the curves.

Top-notch material quality


Here comes another fine sample exhibiting the excellence of Cosmolle collections in a much-celebrated fashion. The silicone lining provided in the material makes it the most distinguishing being situated in the perfect position to avoid the unwanted sliding of the garments. There is an explicit midsection that goes for adjustment by the size of the leg. Besides, when you are looking for a piece of shapewear that can control your tummy as well as your thigh, the best shapewear shorts are definitely the perfect options. The seamless design combining with top-quality fabric makes Cosmolle so comfortable and confident to wear all day.