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How the World’s Biggest Costume Maker Cracked Halloween

If you’ve ever dressed up as a movie or television character for Halloween, the costume you bought was probably made by Rubie’s. The odds drop a little with generic characters like witches or vampires—plenty of smaller companies make those—but with more than 20,000 costumes and accessories for sale at retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Party City, Rubie’s has probably played a part in your Halloween festivities.

What started in 1951 as a soda shop/novelty store in Queens has, over the past 65 years, grown into an international business that earns hundreds of millions. Rubie’s has 3,000 employees, contracts with 12 factories in China, owns four factories in the U.S., and runs six large warehouses, four on Long Island, one in Arizona, and one in South Carolina. Rubie’s has also spawned 15 subsidiaries in countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, and the U.K. It sells Carnival costumes in Brazil, Day of the Dead dresses in Mexico, and Easter Bunny and Santa Claus suits around the world. But in America its bread and butter is still Halloween. The company and the holiday have enjoyed a relationship not unlike a happy marriage: The success of one fosters the growth of the other. “Halloween is not the same holiday it was even 10 years ago,” Beige says, with a smile. “I like to think we had a hand in that.”

Americans will shell out a record-breaking $8.4 billion on Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations this year, according to the National Retail Federation. That figure has jumped almost 70 percent in just 10 years, making Halloween the second-largest holiday in terms of decoration sales, behind Christmas. In the process, it’s become age-proof. “What was once a kid’s holiday has become something that most adults now participate in, too,” says Lesley Bannatyne, a historian and the author of Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History. Nearly half of all American adults will dress up this year, twice as many as 30 years ago. Candy and costumes are cheap enough that Halloween is also largely recession-proof, as well; sales actually increased in 2008 because, as Beige puts it, “almost anyone can buy a $9 mask from Walmart.”

But figuring out what that mask should be, and how many to make, isn’t easy. More people are dressing up for Halloween, but they’re doing it differently, picking costumes in early October based on news events, movies, or internet memes that went viral only a few weeks or months before. Rubie’s tries to anticipate Halloween trends a year in advance, but it’s constantly adjusting its plans as expected blockbusters flop (The Legend of Tarzan), beloved actors die (Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka costume will be popular this year), or millions of people get swept up in the Pokémon Go craze and Beige finds himself mass-manufacturing last-minute Pikachu costumes to fill thousands of back orders. Pokémon will break into Rubie’s 10 best-selling costumes this year, which didn’t happen when it was popular the first time around. “Thank God we already had the license and the designs for that one,” he says. “Otherwise, it would’ve been a disaster.”

Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

Sourcing Wholesale Fancy Dress

You might want to start stocking outfits or perhaps you perhaps you want to expand an already existing collection. Whatever the reason, if you need to buy fancy dress costumes on a wholesale basis, it pays to search around before making the final decision about who your supplier will be.

Look out for fancy dress wholesalers that offer you a trade account as this makes it easier to place orders and receive your goods.Having a trade account usually means you pay a lower price per unit, simply because you are purchasing larger quantities.

A fancy dress wholesaler with a website and online ordering capabilities makes life much easier. Having access to your trade account and being able to place orders 24 hours a day means you can really keep on top of stock levels and place orders as and when you need them.If quick delivery is important to you then remember to investigate the terms offered by different wholesalers. Next day delivery is a huge advantage and it also means you can replenish your stock as soon as it runs out.

When you are considering which wholesaler to use, take a look at the customer care, considering factors such as web support and availability of customer service. If you have a query, want to place an order or need to manage your trade account, it is nice to know that you will have support if you need it, whether online or via the telephone.The range of stock is another important area to consider. Look out for suppliers who offer an extensive array of styles to choose from, from movie stars to hen and stag party outfits. This helps to keep your stock varied and means you have plenty of choices to contemplate.

If film and television are your interest then you find anything and everything in terms of fancy dress options, from The Blues Brothers to He-Man, there is something to suit every occasion and your favourite characters from films and television programmes can be found.

Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

Halloween Is The Most Popular Holiday

Halloween has always been very popular in many countries like the United States and the United Kingdom for example. The police and the fire departments are on special alert for tricks played on this day/night. Everyone is trying to get into the spooky celebration. Even home towns decorate in a large way for this holiday. The next largest is Christmas. Yes you read right, Halloween is the most popular holiday.

From roaming the streets at night collecting treats to playing tricks there is no other holiday quite like this one. And we all get involved in one way or another.

In bad financial times it is not unusual to see people celebrating more. Halloween is one of those holidays which people enjoy celebrating. We put decorations outside, on our desks at work, and even around the house. Some people wear decorative sweaters and shirts. How many stores and restaurants have their employees in Cheapest Christmas costumes?

Halloween is a wonderful holiday that allows us to revert back to our childhoods and have fun with it. In these hard times people turn to celebrating to forget. Halloween is a perfect holiday for this. We can show a little of our dark sides and yet be entertaining.

With this holiday we slip into our childhood a little bit and pretend someone else is in charge of our lives. All we have to do is celebrate! So everybody get out the old costumes or buy one and lose yourselves in a fantasy we all remembered as kids. Have a SPOOKtacular good time.

Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

All Hale All Hallows Eve, With A Nice Glass Of Wine

Whenever we think of October 31st and Halloween it’s immediately connected with popular American culture and children trick or treating. It is widely recognised that the festivities were initially started by the early American pilgrims when they first settled in the new world but have become more and more popular over the centuries.

Children always dress up in suitably scary costumes, and many neighbourhoods will have dozens of little Frankenstein’s, Dracula’s and witches running around and playing mischief. However, for adults, Halloween is a great excuse for a costume party with lively music to dance the scariest night of the year to and a good choice of different wines and beers to drink.

If it isn’t an organised event, then easy drinks to organise when having a party at home are always wines, which take no preparation time and even a small selection of red, white and roses, can cater for most guests’ tastes. When in America, Californian wines are an obvious choice with their great flavours and easy to understand labelling. Wine has even been known to be used in the adult version of apple bobbing when the successful ‘Bobber’ can take a glass of Pinot Grigio away with their apple!

In California which is the home of theme parks and amusement parks, many now offer organised Halloween-themed events. This concept began in California at Knott’s Berry Farm in 1972 when it morphed into Knott’s Scary Farm for the day. That park is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and is still hosting its annual Haunt.

Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

The Present Halloween

Halloween is a one hundred per cent pagan celebration which is held on the 31st of October. This is the night or day when the ghosts leave their tombs and come to haunt the living people. This is the biggest celebration of Satan’s servants: wizards or Satanists. The Americans took advantage of this celebration, which was imported in their country, and transformed it into a real industry.

All people purchase all kinds of sinister accessories on this day. They buy masks, vampire costumes, devil costumes, they turn into dragons, zombies, skeletons and they also buy a lot of pumpkins which they chop, the Americans selling accessories of over half a billion every year.

The American people prepare themselves for Halloween more than they do when Christmas or Easter comes. Kids dress up in different horror characters, they scare other people and trick-or-treat for cookies around people’s homes. The braver ones go to the cemetery at night and have fun doing all sorts of occult things and rituals. It has been noticed that the number of crimes in the United States of America is usually larger on Halloween.

All the other elements have to do with more spiritual aspects. Witches decorate their homes, they decorate their courtyards, they keep occult meetings, they predict the future and so on. Last but not least, they bring gifts to Satan, both for the present and for the future, therefore, violence and sin could never be more exploited.


Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

Popular Designer Salwar Kameez Styles for Spring

Fashion is never constant and for women it’s changing every day or rather every hour from clothing to hairstyles. For Indian women though the costumes vary as per the occasions but certainly salwar kameez is ageless piece of elegant clothing. With cool and pleasant atmosphere around surely this spring collections has lots to offer. Designer salwar kameez are great authentic pieces of a professional innovative works for every festive season. This outfit is exclusive and is for every occasion from a cocktail to reception. It’s preferred because of its easy to carry drape rather than other outfits. It’s a must buy for every women. Spring collections are made from fabrics like crepe which is apt for climate transition phase from winter to summer too.

Many designers have presented this spring collections in many fashion weeks like Lakme, Wills lifestyle and several new collections are expected to arrive. To own a designer salwar kameez is a desire of every woman. The specialty in them is the intricate sequencing and patch work done in every piece without any two costumes of a kind. As designer work is not cheap so the clients are specific on their purchase. This adds a unique element to their personality and wardrobe too, making the person a trend setter in surrounding.

The best part of designer product is the unmatched comfort fitting, the research they put in creating a single piece due to the label value. The differences are very evident from the local pieces and a designer work from prints, stitching; quality of fabric, sequences, delicate hand and machine work stands always apart. In kameez the low neck line are very trendy and hot this spring season.

Chanderi jacquard, semi crepe, chanderi silk, cotton, pure crepe and rayon material! Many designers have their specific likes which are clearly visible in their collections. Like Manish Arora will always keep black color as base is filled with various bright colors. Another prominent designer is Neeta Lulla whose spring collections are inspired by the life around her and her fashion forecast is fusion wear making kurta’s give every girl and women the very classic Indo western look. Ritu Kumar too is very fashionable and leading designer whose clothes offer a range for fashioners from 18 years till 70 years.

Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Party Supplies Online

There is no question that the World Wide Web is the best place to go to when you’re looking for affordable items to use for your next party. Not only are the items cheap, but the entire process of shopping itself is fast and very convenient. However, not too many people realize that they can save even more money when shopping for party supplies via the internet and that is simply by knowing how to shop and where to shop online. If you are planning to do some online shopping for things you will need for your next party, take these things into consideration in order to cut cost.

Just like with physical stores, every now and then, online stores need to clear up space for their new products, and they do that by having a dedicated clearance page for items they want to get rid of fast. If you want to get your hands on cheap party decorations, costumes, and other party items, the clearance category of your favorite online party shop is one of the best places to go to first.

Coupon codes are utilized by many online stores to attract more loyal customers. Based on findings, the term ‘coupon code’ is one of the most popular search terms on the internet today and can even go on top one or top two during the holiday seasons. If you know that your favorite online stores give out promo codes or coupon codes every now and then, don’t hesitate to take advantage of them. In most cases, you will be able to save by as much as fifty percent or even get some items for free if you know how to use them.

One of the things you can enjoy with internet shopping is that you can get huge discounts when buying items in bulk. This is something you can’t get when purchasing something from a regular store. At the same time, however, keep in mind that it would be a disadvantage to shop for your party needs online if you’re only going to buy a couple of items. As much as possible, you would want to buy in bulk in order to enjoy privileges such as discounts on the items themselves or free shipping.


Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

Celebrate the Holiday Season With Attractions

Visitors to the area during the holidays have the opportunity to attend a variety of theater productions. Lakeland Community Theater is putting on The Sanders Family Christmas by members of the surrounding Lakeland community. The show features the family from the hit musical Smoke on the Mountain on Christmas Eve, 1941. With more than two dozen Christmas carols and a hilarious script, everyone – especially those familiar with the characters – will be greatly entertained.

Another highlight of a Central Florida vacation during the holidays, The Lakeland Center is putting on Jingle Bell Rock, a fun-filled, energetic show. This production features a live band, talented singers, and Santa Claus! Classic songs like “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” will put everyone in the family in a cheerful, merry mood for the holidays.

If you’re looking for more of a classic to see on your Central Florida vacation during the holidays, you can’t miss the Great Russian Nutcracker put on performed by the Moscow Ballet. For one afternoon only, be enamored by the exquisite dancing and spectacular costumes and sets that leave critics raving. The production has been called “flawless,” “breathtaking,” and “dazzling,” and stars a gold medalist ballerina from a prestigious international ballet competition. With such beautiful dancers and a classic holiday story, this is one of the Central Florida attractions you can’t afford to miss. shows you will want to see.

There are many more Central Florida attractions to attend during the holidays. The Wholesale Whristmas Costumes at Pinewood Holiday Home Tour lets you see the Pinewood Estate at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales transformed into a glittering, beautiful holiday paradise. The 20-room, Mediterranean-style mansion from the 1930s will leave you breathless. If mansions aren’t your style, bring a can of food and a new toy and tour Flywheelers Village in Ft. Meade. At the 19th century village decorated for the holidays, you can ride a tram, see the Christmas lights, and tell Santa what’s on your list.

Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

Holiday Shopping Do’s and Dont’s Explained

Gift baskets have the added advantage of multiplying the “Ah!” factor of your gift. The baskets contain several closely-related gift items that your recipient will surely remember you for. When looking for gift ideas for the season, here are a few tips that could help point you in the right direction.

Easter is a predominantly Christian holiday, and while the festivities may not match the ones that accompany Christmas, it’s still the most important holiday in the Christian calendar. Since the United States is a mostly Christian country (and getting more and more Christian as time goes by), it wouldn’t be surprising to see Easter Egg hunts, Easter Bonnet making, and Easter parties in most households.

Naturally, preparing for any big event takes a lot of work. Most parents would be busy shopping, cooking, and preparing for parties, while most kids would be painting Easter Eggs and making Easter Bonnets. A thoughtful gift would make it easier for the recipient to deal with the stresses of the holiday, or even make it more meaningful and memorable.

You can get an Easter Egg-making gift basket for children. These baskets may contain eggs, paints, brushes, and a booklet on how to paint Easter Eggs. There are also baskets that contain Easter Bonnet kits. For parents and adults throwing parties on Easter evening, you might want to get them a gift basket with condiments and sauces for the dinner turkey, or some food items for dessert. The possibilities are endless.

In any case, giving a generic Easter basket containing the usual chocolates, sweets, and motivational books is still a very thoughtful gesture. Just be careful about giving sweets to people with diabetes and other insulin-related problems, and you might want to think twice about giving nutty chocolates to people with peanut allergies.

Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

Inspiration for Your Corporate Holiday Party

A great example of a holiday party theme is basing it around a beloved Christmas movie. This can be It’s a Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Carol, or A Christmas Story. For the most fun, try making the theme centered around A Christmas Story. You can have the whole party set in the 1940s era when the movie was set.

Convince employees to wear clothes similar to the movie, including the iconic bunny costume. Give out BB gun rifles as party favors, but make them safe by shooting confetti or water so no employees shoot their eye out. Serve cold drink in glass bottles or feature a soda fountain counter. The main course for dinner can be duck or turkey like the movie.

You can buy novelty leg lamps from the movie to place as centerpieces on the tables. Supply your employees with disposable cameras to take pictures with the fun decor. Have the entertainment come from an old school radio that the characters listen to in the movie. You can also let employees play a shoot-the-balloon game with a BB gun to win prizes from the movie, like a decoder pin.

To make a holiday party less centered on Christmas, you can choose to have a fancy masquerade ball. Hand out typical Venetian carnival face masks to guests as they enter. However, you should encourage guests to find their own masks, perhaps by having a competition for the best mask. Feature rich greens, red, silvers, and golds throughout the party.

The food served at a masquerade should be extravagant. Have waiters carry finger foods and hors d’oeuvres on silver trays, along with flutes of champagne. Also supply a bar with a professionally dressed bartender who can mix whatever drinks they want. The entertainment should be a band, orchestra, or a string quartet. Make sure to include holiday music in their playlists.