Most Basic Shapewear Styles for Muffin Top

Shapewear has started to gain a lot of ground lately and could besaid to be part of the fashion starter pack for women, at least those who are particular about how they appear. Shapewear has a lot to offer, from giving that amazing shape, to compressing protruding sections of the body without causing problems for the user. They as well come in materials that are skin-friendly and as such, there is no cause for alarm as to whether skin reactions are a threat for those who make use of them.

Importantly, they come with openings for easy restroom use. Hence, you need not fear about the struggle that would occur whenever you want to use the restroom.

Cosmolle has in abundance, among others, best shapewear for lower belly pooch and there’s no doubt about the fact that they are worth going for. The aim of this write up is to shed some light on classy women’s shapewear bodysuits and of course where they can be gotten and what they boast of.

The list goes thus:

1.The Comfort Mid-4024 Bodysuit

seamless shapewear bodysuits

This bodysuit t is awesome in a couple of ways such as giving your butt that sexy look as well as giving you the curves you so desire. It has an invisible look and you can wear it freely and be confident it is not exposed.  Its elasticity is amazing and of course, there’s room for maximum breathability. It also compresses the stomach perfectly and as such you do not need to bother about a protruding belly.

All in all,it is worth going for.

Luxury Seamless 1021 Exclusive Butt Lifter

seamless shapewear bodysuits

This is an amazing shapewear option provided by Cosmolle Shapewear.

It gives the butt that smooth and firm shape without any form of discomfort. It also  comes with straps that are removable when not needed and adjustable to fit your body’s demands. It comes in a fabric without seams and is breathable.

It gives the butt the desired enhanced appearance without appearing in a ridiculous manner. If you’re particular about that drop-dead curve, then this is a suitable choice for you.

Powernet 5037 Backless Contour Brief bodysuit thong shapewear bodysuits


Here is another exquisite option from women’s shapewear bodysuits that you could choose from and never be disappointed. It comes in a backless form and shapes your tummy as well as your midsection, giving it that perfect look. It is also desirable if you’re a type of person conscious of panty lines. No panty lines show with this particular bodysuit. It comes in various sizes to fit your particular body needs and offers the comfort your body needs. Gone are the days when looking good would cost your body!

Comfort 4022 Butt Lifter Shaping Shorts:high waist seamless shapewear shorts

Sexiness is a guarantee with this particular shaping shorts. It comes in the high waist form and comes in a material that is most suitable for the skin. It helps enhance that amazing shape that you already possess and is quite affordable. It is a sweet catch!

Seamless Lycra 0227 Bodysuit shaper


Cosmolle shapewear features this trendy bodysuit shaper. It does well in tucking in the tummy well as well as reduces the size of the waist. Intriguing right? This is no doubt for fans of narrowing the waist.

It also gives room for breathability and comes in skin-friendly fabric. It also gives room for you to put on your bra. It gives enhancement to those curves of yours and you’re good to go with the confidence that you would catch the eye!


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