Best -Selling Curves- Defining Shapewear in 2020

Are you worried about how to get Shapewears with the best quality to serve you for all occasions, all year long? Stop worrying and start buying. We’ve got you covered. Here are your go-to to Cosmolle Shapewear for dress that are selling fast:


  1. Luxury Seamless 1021 Exclusive Butt Lifter:

This shapewear for women comes in detachable and adjustable straps which makes it fit for all  bust sizes, and all kinds of dresses. This product is one that is perfect for every skin type. It is a seamless shapewear that is made out of fabric that allows your skin to be comfortable and breathe even when you wear it all day long. Apart from this, you also do not have to worry about your underwear  lines being visible through your dress.  Amazing right? The shapewear has been designed to smooth your midsection, cinch your waist to make it snatching and also to support, lift and enhance your butt under any clothing. With this in your wardrobe, that event is a go.

seamless shapewear shorts


  1. Seamless Lycra 0227 Bodysuit shaper:

Do you want to give your body that small waistline you’ve always desired within the shortest period of time? Then this compression bodysuit which is one of the best comfortable shapewear you can find might just be you best bet. It is seamless and designed to be gentle on your skin, yet, firm enough to tuck your tummy and reduce your waist size. In this, your skin enjoys comfort, you are certain that it does not roll up or down underneath your dress and you can choose to go braless or not. This Shapewear is specifically designed to control your abdominal area, enhance your natural contours and make you look great in dresses.  What more?

seamless body shaper


  1. Luxury Lycra 0228 Mid- Thigh Powerslim Shorts:

Why wear regular shorts as underwear  when you can flatter your body in this seamless shaping shorts? It comes as a high waist brief that is designed to flatten your tummy and keep it looking sexy all day long and it ranks high on our list of best shapewear for women. Interestingly, this Shapewear could sit in your wardrobe as a multipurpose clothing. Apart from wearing it as underwear, you could have fun with it by wearing it to the club or that night party you were invited for. With this product, you have use, style and comfort; all in one.

shaper shorts

  1. Comfort Mid-control 4024 Bodysuit Fajas:

Find out how extra sexy you could look with this slimming body shaper. Made for all body types, this bodysuit  has a high level of elasticity that makes it a perfect fit for you, as well as a skin-friendly fabric that makes your skin breath freely in it. The 4024 bodysuit  is a Cosmolle shapewear for dress designed as a butt compressor that immediately lifts and enhances your butt by giving it a firm appearance. It also serves your tummy and waistline by smoothening it and giving it a slimmer look. For that banging body you desire, 4024 bodysuit should be your fave.

seamless shapewear bodysuits

  1. Comfort 4022 Butt Lifter Shaping Shorts:

Not a fan of bodysuit , but you still want to enhance your body contours in that dress? Then this product is for you. Tummy flattening, check, Butt volume enhancement, double check, skin and body comfort, triple check. You’ve got the perfect underwear for that short dress in your wardrobe. You can see why it makes it to our list of top shapewear for women.

shaper shorts

This list of Cosmolle shapewear for dress is one that provides you with options for some of the best comfortable shapewear. So what are you waiting for? Go order yours now!

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