The wonder of the Brickstone Christmas Woods

The day was Dec, 1991. Traveling north upon Route 495, glancing more than toward Andover’s Shawsheen region, a view like simply no other glowed in the range: a lit Christmas woods rising majestically from Brickstone Square. I had formed to go view it up close.

We worked my personal way throughout the streets, changed into the building, and left my car. I can just describe the sensation as real magic ?nternet site stood on the floor and researched at almost 100 ft of lamps and decorations.

For occupants who by no means experienced this kind of breathtaking view, and for people who might want to re-live it, the following is that Xmas tree’s tale and how this grew in to an annual custom for 12-15 years.

The tree screen began reasonably and without a lot of fanfare in 1990, a collaboration of Marty Spagat of Brickstone Properties and company landscaper Mark Donohoe. That 1st year offered a 53-foot, 60-year-old Douglas fir that was purchased from an area baby room, taking 4 workers regarding 150 time to light and beautify.

The following 12 months the look for the perfect shrub took with an environmental turn, with Mister. Donohoe scoping out not merely “the most significant tree” yet one that was “a risk to the property. ” Flying within an airplane a tree was spotted in Hampton Comes and the owner, Sue Ennabe, who normally would have needed to pay to slice it straight down, was pleased to have her tree turn into “the greatest cut Holiday tree inside the state. ”

Fifteen 1000 lights later on, Mrs. Ennabe came to Andover to see “her” tree with her granddaughter, exclaiming “I don’t believe there’s have you been a woods this beautiful. ” Mr. Spagat agreed, phoning the forest “mesmerizing, ” saying “it’s like viewing fire. ”

By 1992, the Brickstone tree experienced “Cheapest christmas costumes” in “the nation’s tallest. ” The 93-foot Norway Jazz was forty five feet in diameter and weighed 12-15 tons, create by a great 80-ton incision. It was tall than the sapling at Boston’s Prudential (45 feet), Walt Disney World (65 feet), the White Home (75 feet), and even Fresh York’s Rockefeller Center (85 feet).

The celebration got also produced.

That yr Tom Bergeron, WBZ tv personality, offered as Grasp of Events and turned the in order to turn on the 15, 500 strung lighting that lighted 200 metallic bulbs and 600 reddish bells and bows.

Co-sponsored by Brickstone tenant Marshall’s, Santa showed up and carols were being sung. Toys had been collected intended for the Circumstance. S. Sea Corps’ “Toys for Children. ”

Because the recognition grew, the Brickstone hardwood went on every guests Christmas “must see” list. Added in the base from the tree had been giant lit presents and an 11-foot sleigh. A 24-foot wreath adorned the Brickstone setting up.

Added to the festivities was Santa’s Town, with a pampering zoo, slide carousel and a ride-on teach for the children. Hot chocolates and cookies were dished up. Chainsaw designer Hal Macs carved solid wood Christmas numbers from the trunk area of the earlier year’s pine.

Couples actually got involved under the cedar!

The highest Brickstone Xmas tree capped out in 100 foot, 50 toes in size, and 35, 000 signals. York Road residents most likely planned their particular comings and goings throughout the steady stream of vehicles!

Sadly, simply by 1994, with a brand new management organization and with renewed external and monetary concerns, programs changed. In Brickstone Block, a 40-foot tree was bought and planted. The branches were not strong enough to keep ornaments, and hesitating to cause Andover to lose their very own Christmas bonsai bragging privileges, Mr. Spagat arranged for any 95-foot woods to be delivered to Minuteman Recreation area, visible along Interstate 93.

But in some way it was not the same as standing up under the Brickstone tree.

Basically could have 1 wish this kind of Christmas, If only that the Holiday tree traditions could be cut back to Brickstone! Please, Santa claus!! I’ll do well – I actually promise!!!


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