Students’ spirit week costumes ignite controversy

SUFFOLK, Va. (WTKR) – Suffolk City General public School administrators say they are considering a matter including four students allegedly wearing controversial wholesale Christmas costumes.

In photos sent to News 3, three teenage females are outfitted as police officers and 1 teen is usually dressed because an inmate holding a Black Lives Matter sign.

The students wore the costumes as part of Spirit Week at Nansemond River High School.

The school sent a notice home to parents Wednesday afternoon.

According to the school, the girls were outfitted as “cops & robber” for Personality Day and the Black Lives Matter sign was not part of their outfits. The school declared that the students required pictures with all the sign to show their personal support to get the Black Lives Matter movement.

News 3 spoke to students outside the school and most said this situation was being blown out of portion.

Student Angela Bardelli said, “I know the four in person and they didn’t mean to get to be racist, it looks really racist yet they’re trying to spread consciousness. ”

School district officials said the girls wanted to provide light to the Black Lives Matter Movement and regretted that the images were depicted in a bad way. College student Elizabeth Greatest said the girls had good intentions and several students were talking about it. “People arguing about who’s right and who’s wrong, ” said Greatest.

Student Alex Hull said, “I think it was intended to be a joke and got taken out of context. ”
College student Danielle Douglas said, “I don’t think they should’ve done it yet I don’t think that they should’ve been penalized. ”

Nijha Shanon said the images were taken out of context and said, “We are attempting to get T-shirts to support them. ”

“It was really blown out of proportion because it’s soul week plus they were assisting the movement and it was really blown out of proportion, ” said college student Joshua Crocker said, “four cheerleaders came together to support a movement with what’s happening in the world at this time and you have people of the African-American race taking offense to the statement. ”

College student Gordon Westray said, “People need to come together and instead of taking section…. we should have office over a thing that small. inches
Nathan Promote said, “I feel like that they went about it the wrong manner of doing that, but I do know they ensured right nevertheless the way that they went about doing it is merely wrong. inches
Student Cassidy Simmons explained, “I believe was offered out of proportion and non-e are racist. inches
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