If You Knew How Beautiful You Are

This thing I speak of was originally intended as a gift for my significant other. It turned out to be a gift for myself that I treasure all these years later, and probably will for years to come. When we broke up, the gift went with me (for obvious reasons) and has had a prominent place in my bedroom ever since. In fact, if it weren’t for that one little item, my bedroom might not be the attractive, feminine, comforting place it has become. I used the “gift” as the focal point from which all the other items in my bedroom were chosen, right down to the white comforter, the porcelain lamp, the white wooden frames that enhance paintings of flowers, and the cherry bedside tables.

In it, I am beautiful and sensual. I am dressed in a white teddy, white stockings are attached with garters and the white robe I’m wearing is open in a decidedly provocative way. The setting is all white and pastel florals, lace abounds and a teddy bear lies nearby. The focus isn’t overly soft, but just soft enough to enhance my curves, and the setting is beautiful and romantic – it is something I will cherish forever.

It is a fantasy picture, because I definitely don’t look that exquisite in my day-to-day life! Some days, I don’t put on makeup and most days I’m in jeans and a sweater. I rarely wear dresses, never wear bikinis, and seldom am found without a pair of warm wooly socks on my feet. I even wear socks to bed with my favorite pink flannel pajamas. But that photo – oh, that photo tells of a secret that few have encountered.

Since having the photograph taken, I recommend it to all women. No matter whether you’re tall or short, big-breasted or petitely-endowed, tiny or large, young or old, or whatever the case may be – I urge you to do it.

Even if you’re hesitating, I hope you will give it some truly serious thought. I could write reams about how good it will make you feel, how it will change how you view yourself, how you will begin to embrace other positive elements of yourself that you might have overlooked. But instead of me telling you this, try it


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