Halloween – A Special Time of Year

Looking back to my childhood, there for one or two annual events that the rest of the year seemed to revolve around. Christmas, for example, was something you were either headed to, or had recently enjoyed. Once the excitement of Christmas had come and gone, there was a birthday to look forward to, then the summer vacation.

Once you have left the summer season behind we enter what is for many people a favorite time of the year, Autumn, or, for those in the US, fall. This season marks the transition from summer to winter, with the ever shorter days and the leaves on the tress turning brown and falling to the ground to form a golden brown carpet which makes woodland walks so memorable at this time of year.Christmas costumes

The highpoint of this period, at least for Children, is Halloween, which originated at a Celtic festival which celebrates the end of the harvest season. The word Halloween, incidentally, derives from the phrase ‘All Hallows Even’, October the 31st being the eve of All Hallows Day, now known as All Saints Day.

These days the period is celebrated with such gleeful events as ‘Trick or Treating’ where Children dress up in a variety of Christmas costumes, the spookier the better, and ‘terrorize’ the neighborhood, in a hopefully friendly way!

Another symbol of the season is the appearance of pumpkins, often carved out and containing lit candles, which make for a colorful spectacle to brighten the dark Autumnal nights.

The lit pumpkin originated in Europe and were used to frighten off evil spirits, as the Celts believed that the head was the most powerful part of the body, where the spirit resided, and thus used the head-like turnip or pumpkin as a representation.

The great thing about Halloween in modern times is that it gives a chance for all the family to get together to celebrate this time of year and have some gold old wholesome family fun, and everyone can take part, from preschoolers to Grandma and Grandpa. whether it’s decorating the front lawn, painting the Children’s faces or carving out the pumpkin, there is a roll for everyone, which for me, makes it one of the most special times of the year.



Sherratt’s All Hallows Art Fest brings spooky artists to Petaluma

“I’m a Halloween nut, I admit it,” says Stephanie Sherratt. “My husband is really into Christmas, and I’m really into Halloween. My mom was obsessed with Halloween, too. Every year, she always made it special for us kids. For me, Halloween is a warm, wonderful thing, a nostalgic feeling that I keep alive in my own house, and also through the Halloween art show.”

That’s why, around Petaluma, Sherratt has become known as “The Halloween Lady.”

It’s a nickname she delights in. She’s certainly earned it.

Sherratt, a Petaluma resident since 1998, is the owner-operator of All Hallows Art Fest, a reincarnation, of sorts, of the Petaluma-based Halloween-inspired art and collectible showcase formerly known as Halloween and Vine. That supernaturally popular show, held for 22 years every September at Hermann’s Sons Hall, has been co-owned for five years by Sherratt and another owner, who, according to Sherratt, sold her share to a pair of new owners — who elected to split from their partner, and are now operating their own show in the South Bay.

“There’s always been confusion about the name,” Sherratt says. “A lot of local people didn’t know quite what it was. People thought it was some sort of winery event. ‘All Hallows Art Fest’ is a lot clearer. This show is about two things — Halloween and the work of amazing artists inspired by Halloween.”

Speaking of those artists — many of them ranking among the top hand-craft artists in the country — Sherratt is quick to point out that one thing that has not changed is the line-up of national art-makers who annually come to Petaluma to show off and sell their latest one-of-a-kind creations.


Charity Auctions and Halloween Themes

Halloween always sparks many peoples’ creativity for wild themed costumes and fun creative parties. Wanting to break the mold of the traditional charity auction? Consider “Halloween 2.0”. Your charity auction could incorporate a costume party or just celebrate Halloween all over again at another time of year, just like Christmas in July. 

However, don’t get “tricked” out of a good charity auction by not planning ahead. Included in the theme can be neat ideas for the food, a costume contest, the ideas are endless! You may consider memorable clips from Halloween-type movies such as Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin, Fat Albert’s Halloween Special, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.

Make sure that all your staff, and even the auctioneer, agree to come to the event in costume. I am sure you have a Halloween enthusiast who works or volunteers for your organization. If you choose a themed-costume party, consider hiring actors or performers that promote the theme in a dramatic way. A local acting school or high school drama club may agree to do this at no charge. The musical entertainment can also contribute to the theme with style and look. Keep in mind that people tend to spend more money when they are talkative, excited, and upbeat. Having an overly peaceful, relaxed atmosphere is not the best choice for a fundraising mood. For a more cost-effective option, consider purchasing several movie soundtracks that support your theme.

A word of caution – do not let your theme detract from the focus of fundraising. Keep the program scheduled to ensure that guests are focused on the silent auction and the live auction at the appropriate times.


Girls Knee High Socks

Knee high socks. They are known primarily as school girl uniforms in certain Asian and European countries. But did you know they could be used in contemporary settings? They are becoming popular nowadays. But why? Because they are both trendy and functional at the same time. Initially, a few religious schools have a policy of requiring their female students’ to wear these socks. However, using them as an accessory in your daily clothing can be a daunting task.

What a fashion mistake it will be if we match these socks together with something that doesn’t go along well with them. We would become a center of attention in the neighborhood, for the wrong reasons. There are ways to prevent this from happening, just consult fashion magazines or someone with a good sense of fashion and you will save yourself some embarrassment.

Different colors and patterns are available for girls knee high socks. White knee high socks go well with people who aren’t too fussy with how they look. They help to accentuate your legs by matching with a short skirt. In sports like soccer, striped knee high socks are part of the uniform but they also have become fashionable as ladies’ wear. If you are wearing a plain or solid colored outfit, matching it with a striped pattern tends to bring out the cuteness in you. Other than this pattern, you can also opt for patterns with flowers, shapes or anything out of the ordinary.

There are different ways to choose the correct pattern, color and design. One way is to follow your instincts when scouting for the correct designs and colors to go well with what you wear. You can mix and match them with what is in your wardrobe to come up with something that looks good on you. Show off your attractiveness with something that makes you look bold. You will find that this is something exciting to experiment with. Besides matching socks with clothing, you can also do that with footwear.

A pair of ordinary looking shoes may look lively if paired with just the right type of socks. The colors you may choose depend entirely on your take on fashion. Are you risque enough to wear neon striped knee high socks? Or do you stick with the tried and true dark reds, greens and greys? Either way, there are socks for just about any situation out there from bed socks to running socks to even novelty socks. The world is your oyster.


Yellow Wig Halloween Costume

Among the many Halloween costumes available, I personally prefer the simple use of wigs – red, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet, or even a bright yellow wig. Costumes are a great way of celebrating certain special occasions. Christmas costumes are fun and exciting. It gives you the opportunity to be like a kid again, to be someone iconic and to be someone – anyone other than your plain old self – even for just a short while. Only your imagination can limit you from who you can be. Do you desire to have superpowers? Or maybe you desire to be someone cute and cuddly? Or maybe someone regal and majestic, perhaps? Well, in any case, costumes are a sure way to fire up your holidays. It can even be used to rekindle dwindling passions with your partner (if you know what I mean).

It can sometimes be difficult to find a yellow wig; I mean, if you are going to wear a wig, why would you want a plain and boring black one, right? – and they are a dime a dozen. There are a lot of holidays that let you make pretend: there are birthday celebrations, Independence Day celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and so on. Among the holidays, my favorite is Halloween. Why? Everybody dresses up for Halloween! It’s fun to see children playing trick or treat, it is a night where, they say, the spirits walk among us. Pretty scary, right? There are also other occasions where you can wear costumes other than the holidays. There are certain conventions, or cosplays, which are very big nowadays, that allow you to do this. And if you really are the adventurous type, why not wear a costume everyday for no reason at all (calling Madonna and Lady Gaga fans).

It isn’t easy to make a yellow wig yourself if you are inexperienced. If you have the means and the desire, why not just look for one and buy? The great thing about wigs is that you can wear them literally everyday. Wigs are a pretty common thing you see everyday on people. And even if they stare at you, so what? To each his own right, I say. Yellow wigs are also normally used by sports fans during special games. They use it to support their home teams, or even taunt the opposing teams – and I tell you, it is effective.

Among the most popular fictional characters that you can use a yellow wig for is son Goku of Dragon Ball Z. If you haven’t heard of him or the cartoon Christmas costumes , it was a craze in the early 1990’s. It was originally a popular Japanese manga series by Akira Toriyama. Since then, the popularity of the cartoon, from kids to adults alike, sky rocketed worldwide, and was even reproduced through other different versions by the famous Japanese company Toei. When son Goku recharges his superpowers to defeat an enemy, he becomes an alien known as super Saiyan Goku, with that famous big, pointy, yellow hair. What a crazy outfit a super Saiyan Goku costume would be! Most of Dragon Ball Z’s main characters also recharge into being a super Saiyan and some of them also have yellow pointy hair, this includes Goku’s son, son Gohan. These are just a few fun reasons why you should start wearing a yellow wig today.


Get a Devil Costume for a Devilishly Fun Halloween

A devil costume is a great way to dress up for Halloween. This holiday has traditionally been a time when supernatural forces roamed the earth. Of course the devil was a prominent character in this emergence of spirits and goblins, witches, the dead and more.

So along with all the other traditional and modern disguises you can select for yourself and your children, the devil is a character that fits right in.  From infants to adults, there is a costume waiting to help you release the inner devil that yearns to come out for a festive celebration.

Should you want it there are even costumes available for your dog. After all, why shouldn’t pets be allowed to party?

Costumes for the devil range from the make believe menacing to the cute to the devilishly sexy.

The children’s costumes tend to be of the cute variety, with frilly skirts and tutus. Some even come with red lights and of course red devil horns and a pitchfork. A child dressed as a devil is instantly recognizable, so no one will ask “What character are you?”

Adults can choose costumes with capes, stunning and elaborate dresses and more.

It is tremendous fun to allow yourself – or your kids – to roll play as the devil.  Since all the costumes are colored in red, sometimes with black accents, whatever costume you choose is sure to stand out in the crowd.

So whether you choose to portray a sinister devil or a seductive one, a friendly one or one that is just plain cute, you are sure to be the center of attention and a delight at the party.

And since the devil is a Halloween fixture, your costume can be worn many times over, and at parties that take place at different times of the year, like Christmas.


Childrens Or Adults Halloween Costumes Are Perfect For All Ages

It used to be that Halloween was considered to be a spiritual holiday. Long ago in times past many people believed that the spirits of the deceased walked around the earth on that one particular day of the year.

In more modern times, however, most people see Halloween as a holiday kind of like 4th of July or Christmas, in that it is a time for parties and having fun. And one of the most popular Halloween traditions is dressing up in costumes.

Doesn’t much matter if you are a kid getting all decked out in one of the popular childrens Halloween Christmas costumes or a grownup who has decided that Halloween is going to be a time when you are going to wear an adult Halloween costume, its fun to get dressed up.

Much of the fun of getting dressed up in a Halloween outfit is that for a short while you get to pretend to be someone else. This is a big part of the allure of Halloween in general. Somehow it has been transformed from a time when people went to the graveyard to remember their relatives to a time when almost everyone gets dressed up in a costume.

The world has changed a bit in that regard and the truth is, the way Halloween is right now is a lot more fun than taking a trip to the graveyard. Unless, of course, you have set up a fake set of tombstones in your front yard. This incredible enough ahs become one of the favorite ways to decorate your house for the holiday.

You can buy tombstones made out of Styrofoam online at the Halloween websites or even download the instructions for making your own to set up in your front yard. Interesting how things have turned around, it used to be that folks went out to the cemetery to visit their deceased family members, and now they set up the cemetery right in front of their homes.

But of all the ways to celebrate Halloween, getting decked out in the perfect costume is probably the most favorite. You can buy almost any kind of costume, or fancy dress like they call it in the UK, on the internet. There are many sites that have deals and discounts right up until the last shipping day before Halloween.

All it really takes is a bit of research online and a few clicks and you can save a lot of money on the cost of your Halloween costume this year.


Costumes for Holidays

Dressing up for a holiday is considered a perfect way to celebrate any type of festive occasion. Costumes associated with holidays have always been growing popular among adults, teenagers, and children. They are available not only for Halloween or New Years Day celebrations but for the 4th of July, Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick’s Day. Many people enjoy dressing up in holiday costumes with celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Carnival, Purim, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Carnival, and April Fools’ Day. A person dressed in holiday costumes attracts a lot of attention and interest from spectators.

Traditional costumes worn for Halloween include frightening characters such as ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and witches. Both adults and children celebrate this holiday by dressing in Halloween costumes to scare their neighbors and friends. The 4th of July holiday costumes, such as Statue of Liberty costumes and Uncle Sam costumes are worn to show patriotism.

Costumes for Mardi Gras ranging from a simple mask to exquisitely elaborate ensembles are readily available in the stores. Mardi Gras costumes portray fantasy characters, such as clowns and jesters. Christmas costumes include many different characters like angels, Santa Claus, Christmas angels, Mrs. Claus, Grinch, and reindeers. During Easter time, many people dress up as the Easter Bunny by putting on a furry costume and head dress. On Thanksgiving Day, people wear pilgrim costumes or Native American costumes.

Valentine’s is another holiday where we can see people dressed in romantic styles to please their lovers and this is becoming more and more popular as days go by.

Nowadays, a lot of options are there to shop for these holiday costumes. There are a number of costume shops specializing holiday costumes. An endless collection of holiday costumes for all occasions and celebrations are offered in these shops. Several online retailers are also in the scenario to provide you with all types of holiday costumes for all ages and body type at reasonable prices. Some shops houses costumes just for children during these holidays.


Wholesale Christmas Decorations

Well now that Christmas is finally around the corner there a chance to get into that festive spirit. I don’t know about you but Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year and not only because of the beautiful decorations and everyone’s spirits are lifted. While these are good reasons another reason is because the market is filled with buyers. People come online to buy products for Christmas, decorations and all sorts. Sales triple around December. Not only do the iPhones and iPods I sell, increase revenue substantially, but the fact I buy wholesale Christmas decorations and sell them off.

That’s right buying Christmas costumes on wholesale is a very profitable market. Look to eBay and you will see. However eBay is not the only place you can sell these. There are many stalls around looking to make extra money for Christmas. What I do is I bundle up these decorations and make packs of 5 or 10 and sell them to people at markets and stalls. These decorations allow the market sellers to make a lot of money selling the decorations individually packed.

Wholesale Christmas costumes are solely a $1500+ business per week. The fact is once these sellers need more decorations, who are they going to call? Me obviously. You can easily take advantage of a good situation. Its basically a win win situation for both parties. You sell the goods on wholesale while still making a profit. The market seller sells these on at a increased price and also profits. Christmas ornaments can also be profitable when buying from a wholesaler.

You can also sell these on eBay under the wholesale lots. People look there daily to get a bargain and there are many to be bought. Obviously Christmas decorations on wholesale are not the only products you can do this with. As I mentioned you could sell mobile phones, iPods, the list goes on. However, taking advantage of a profitable season is where you can make a lot of money. For example, Halloween just passed. Do you think I made money selling costumes? That’s a definite yes! Wholesale Halloween costumes sell like crazy. Festival times are here to stay why not make money in an untapped niche?

OK so how does this work you might ask?

Firstly you need a wholesaler or manufacturer that supplies these goods to you. These wholesale prices are incredible and when you sell these items on you could make anywhere from $10-$70 a piece. Obviously depends on the quantity you bought and the price you are selling for. Wholesale Christmas decorations are one thing, however, there are so more opportunities you can profit from while helping others at the same time.


The wholesale christmas costumes For Children

Christmas is always a joy to wait for and preparations for the season start early. Both children and adults look for costumes even though the kids tend to be more excited about dressing up for the day and season compared to adults. Children make all kinds of presentations during the festive season and there is no greater way of adding a true festive feel to the season than by using the most relevant fancy dress costumes designed especially for it. You can find a huge variety of Christmas costumes from a costume shop nearest to you or from online stores. Here are some of the best that you can choose for your children to keep them in the Christmas spirit.

Santa Claus costumes – They are without a doubt considered the most relevant for the season and therefore remain a favorite for many. Men, women and children are suited for this costume and you will find very good sizes for your kids. You will find options suitable for babies, toddlers and also bigger kids just to highlight the season in style or to fit into any parties held during the season.

Elf costumes – The red and green colors of the costumes make them ideal for the Christmas season and they suit children especially because of their small physique. They are most suitable for children who are a little mischievous and bubbly making the perfect elf characters. Most will have green ling jackets spruced with golden accessories and black thick belts complete with a pointed green-gold hat. The huge elf shoes are of course a major highlight of the costume and they can transform any children’s party into a colorful fun one especially around the Christmas season.

Reindeer costumes – Christmas is incomplete without Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. Legend has it that he pulled Santa’s sleigh as he went about delivering Christmas presents. Playing the reindeer is therefore something that can be very exciting. It commonly features a big brown sweatshirt or dress completed with a pair of stuffed horns and a red nose. Some are designed to stand similar to a real reindeer and have to be inserted into the body. You will just love how joyful kids feel looking and also behaving just like the cute little animals.